Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bad Christmas Ideas

How is the Christmas (Holiday of your choice) shopping going, kids? You done yet? I'm not. Big surprise there. I was driving around in the hot rod, when it occured to me there are a lot of bad presents out there for the sweet heart in your life. Here is a list of a few in no particular order

  • Cash. Thats right kids. You may think this is a good idea, but trust me this gift is a no go. It means that you put absolutely no thought into that individuals gift. In fact, giving them nothing or anything else that on this list is probably somehow better than cash. I know what any guy reading this is thinking . . . ."This really doesn't make much sense though, cause with cash you buy anything." Guess again fellow doods.
  • Any entertainment material containing the artist known as Shaquel O'neil. What does this tell your sweetheart? It tells them you walked into your nearest FYE and walked straight over to the bargin bin and pulled out this peice of crap. You want to get your sweet heart something that stars Shaq? You get her tickets to a Miami Heat game.
  • Laser Hair Removal. Why you would get a girlfriend laser hair removal is beyond me. How about you write your sweet heart a letter that says, "You hairy freak! How about you do a little landscaping before you come over tomorrow night?" (No shit, what inspired this post was a Christmas themed ad on the radio for laser hair remover.)
  • Porn. If there is anything that is debatable on this list, it is this one right here. Depending on the kink of your girlfriend maybe a little porn is just what she wants? Just don't put the lastet copy of Psycho Sluts 3 under the tree to be opened in front of Grandma. Well, depending on your Grandma . . . .
  • Gym Membership. Do I need to explain why you shouldn't get this? Just take the Laser hair removal post on this list and replace the necessary words with either "fat ass" or "gym membership."
  • Potpourri. What does this say? Yo, your place stinks, and since you are too lazy to clean it. I think it is best we just cover the funk up. Plus it is potpourri? What are we in our fifties?
I know some of my readers out there could help continute this list. Let me know what you think some great bad Christmas presents are!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gatorland! (and other rare animal sitings)

In my travels to Orlando earlier this week, I found myself at the best damn theme park in Orlando. Disney World? no. Univeral Studios? hellz no. Sea World? nope. I found my self in Gatorland! Yeah, It rocked!!!

You may have seen pictures of the gift shop with the big gator mouth you walk through to enter. Shockingly, that burnt down a few months ago. Surprise! So I didn't have that experience, but that is only complaint you will hear here.

Imagine a zoo where 90% of the animals you see are gators and crocodiles. After that there are a few snakes, a really old bear that I felt kind of sorry for because it walked with a limp, and a few giant tourtises.

They also have a few shows to watch. The one I visited was called Jumparoo!!! It is exactly what the name implies. The experience Gator handlers of Gatorland attach chickens (chickens you get at the grocery store, not live chickens mind you) to wires hanging a few feet above the pool of gators. With a little coaxing the gators jump for the chicken to earn their meal. It is cool to see these gators going for it. The show is done with a game show theme that involve cheering on the gators and the handlers. It is fun.

There is also the classic gator wrestling show, but I opted to walk around the park and see some of the gators in there "natural" habitat. It really is very close to their natural habitat. The park consits of 110 acres where most of it covered by a large lake and brush for the gators.

Walking around, I was able to see some rather large crocodiles. There was a Salt Water Croc, a Cuban Croc, and a few Nile Crocodiles. I got one picture I am rather proud of . . . .

What I like about this photo is the reflection of the crocodile and the fact that his mouth is open which is always a nice show.

I also took in an impromtu example of nature. While walking, there was a rustling in the bushes next to me, followed by what sounded like a chirping noise. The chirping continued. I stopped and poked my head in the bushes to see what was the matter. It appeared that a very small snake managed to have a firm hold of a frog's leg in its mouth. The frog did not really enjoy the situation and was chirping while trying to wrestle out of the snake's grip. Well, the frog was on the losing side. I decided that I had no right help the frog out of the situation. Besides who am I to deny the snake a well earned meal, and the frog would die without two working legs. Within a few minutes, the snake swallowed the entire frog's leg. I left to allow the snake to enjoy a peaceful meal. Afterall, frog legs are a french delicacy.

After that real nature show, I went on to see a few tourtises and called it a day. Gatorland did not disappoint. This final image is actually 3 images, I blended together. This gator was HUGE!!! He was a "nucisance" gator that was eating people's pets in Tampa. Well, the authorites were going to kill it but Gatorland hoped on the ball to save the poor guy. They are going to release him to rest of the park once they are sure he has no illnesses that could harm the other gators.

On a side note, I saw a very rare bread of animal known as a Kyle T. while in Orlando. He is alive!!! No shit. I sat down and saw him drink a beer with these very eyes!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Honey, Do I look fat?

Well, Hibernation is over. I must have turned 80 years old temporarily because I went to Florida twice in two weeks during my hibernation. I can see why people go down there for the winter. It is 70 degrees all the freaking time. There will probably be a post coming up about Gatorland which is the coolest theme park in all of Florida.

I am definitely a blank fitness canvas. I think I may have gotten a bit of a gut. JEEZ!!! There is absolutely no fitness left in my body. In fact coming out of this hibernation maybe more of a struggle than I had originally expected. I'm not really looking forward to swimming tomorrow, but its gotta get done. DO WORK!!! ( I am shamelessly stealling this phrase from "Rob and Big")

So what is the plan? I need a plan yo!!! I can't just go barging into the this get competively fit without some sort of plan. Hmmm. I sense a whole new blog post coming up. . . .

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cyclocross Nationals

Yo yo!!! Thats right kids, Cyclocross Nationals is this weekend. I really wanted to go watch but alas I am actually flying in the opposite direction of Providence, RI this weekend. Oh well, keep your eye on cyclingnews. In fact, check out all the cycling sites. The fields are rediculously huge. One of the Master's B races has 217 racers!!! Are kidding me??? I would say the first 50 riders are racing and the rest are just riding the course.

Who says cross ain't huge? Cross it up!!!

My money is on the obvious. I think that Trebon is gonna win unless he suffers a monster mechanical although I do think it will be close. Jonathon Page has been injured (right?) , and I can only imagine the anger at which he will pedal with when he finally gets ride a bike.

As for the women, you are a fool not to put money on Katie Compton. There is reason she won race last year. Did she lose a race this year? Damned if I know, but I doubt it.

Grr, as I write this I really wish I could be there now. Oh well, I'm going to World Championships in a month and half. That will do.

Next post will probably be Tuesday night. In the meantime, finish those Christmas cards.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

big time!

big time baby!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Computer Science Wear

This post is for "Mr. Mellow", he informed me my blog needed updating this morning.

This post comes out of an uncomfortable exchange I had with a co-worker during the Spring Conference. I was running to breakfast to grab a cup of coffee (which was excellent by the way) when a coworker stopped me to tell that I need to see the host of the conference to pick up a sweat shirt that they were giving to conference alums. After informing him that I wasn't an alum, he looked like he wanted more explanation, so I told him "Besides I don't rock 'computer science wear'."

OOPS!!!! I forgot the guy I was talking to wears "computer science wear" in fact he was a wearing it at that moment. I immediately try to cover my tracks but it was too late. The statement was uttered.

Are you familiar with "computer science wear"? Think of it like a race t-shirt for the computer geek crowd except there is a whole lot less to be proud of here. They are often made of flamboyent colors with the loudest color going to the technology for the conference you covered. For example this conference had a black t-shirt with the "The Spring Experience" in bright neon green. It would be acceptable if this where most "computer science wear" stopped. The back has a list of the presenters on the back in the same bright neon green, as if these guys were rock stars out on tour. Rod Johnson may very well be a rock star, but I'm not so sure of all those other names. Couldn't we just stick to the name of the technology, a place, and a date?

The selection of clothes are fairly interesting. The t-shirt is very ubiquitous, but from there the second most popular item is a toss up between the polo t-shirt and the golf pullover sweatshirt. From there we go on to the baseball caps, hand bags, and computer bags which file more under the accesories section of one's closet. There is really is no end to what ends up being "computer science wear." Notice these aren't clothes meant for the active lifestyle. I can't say that they don't know their target demographic. I should also mention that none of these clothes ever seem to correctly fit. Being oversized is my single greatest complaint against most "computer science wear". I can get a medium sized shirt and it won't fit me (too small), but in computer science wear, it would fit almost two of me. It looks like I am wearing a smock.

And why can't they make something that would go well with something other than pleated cotton dockers? The "computer science wear" tends to look rather rediculous when part of an ensemble that reflects real world fashions. For instance try wearing a brightly colored, oversized sweat shirt with a decent pair of slim fit jeans. Just don't come over when you do.

The fabric is also very mysterious. Cotton is for the t-shirts, but any other article of clothing will almost likely try to venture into a new technology of synthetic fabrics. As if to represent that we not only push computer technology but fashion tech as well. The Rayhon-Cotton-Polly-Mesh is always a popular option for sweat shirts. Feels like a burlap sack when you put it on.

So that is why I don't rock the computer science garb. I'm not saying it ain't for you, in fact you are more than welcome to have my shirt too.

Not dead yet . . .

Sorry for the delay in getting out some posts loyal Leave The Fan On readers! (I've been a busy bear. How busy? I hadn't talked to Matteis until last night since going to Miami.)

This really isn't a post so much as a promise that a better post will be written by this evening. So stay pretty.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Am I "That" Guy?

Last night and over the last few days I have learned that sometimes I become "that" guy. "That" guy can mean very different things, but in this case it means the loud obnoxious guy who is the center of attention and makes fun of everybody including himself.

Co-workers have told me this week that I am "that" guy at work. Which I was pretty much aware of. I have my moments at work. I really don't think I'm all that loud at work, but I do occasionally contrast with the incredible amounts of quiet. But it is usually just some random thing I'm excited about. I'm not in a permanent state of loud.

But what took the cake for me was last night. There was a social gathering for the conference I am at and we were all mingling around talking to one another. Well, I'm talking to a co-worker of mine and some random guy from Canada. After about 20 minutes, the canadian turns to me and says, "You are everything I think of when I think of an American stereotype!" (Lets just say, I had 'warmed up' a little before the social gathering and I was two drinks a head of the curve in crowd where I should probably be two drinks behind.) Well, I didn't harass the guy too much for that statement, but does make me wonder. Am I "that" guy?

Well, loyal Leave The Fan On reader . . . am I?

Friday, December 08, 2006

I saw a girl (once)

After having been accused of writting one of those "what I had for breakfast blogs", I'm trying to step it up again despite my travels.

My current conference is The Spring Experience. It has to do with the open source java framework Spring, and all the great things you can do with it when developing your enterprise applications. Too Sexy, Too Sexy!!!

This conference is reminding me of college and not always in a good way. Which gets me to the title of this post. Being a computer science major in college, the first thing you realize is that you are not going to be meeting any women in your major. The sex ratio in my computer science classes college was probably 20 men to 1 woman. Every class was a sausage festival. I remember looking forward to my electives, because I knew there would actually be girls in the classes.

Just like college this conference is not any better. In fact I think the ratio here is alot worse. I am guessing it is 50:1. The few girls I knew in my major, I can't recall any going on to be software engineers. They usually went into sales or a more general tech field. (No where here did I say girls don't make good software engineers. I knew plenty of great female software engineers in grad school. So, no hate mail please, N.O.W. members. If there is a N.O.W. member that reads my blog I would be amazed!!! but i digress)

I have no problem hanging out with a bunch of dudes. Can I take that statement back ? I have a small problem hanging out with doods for long periods of time. Things digress socially. I'm not talking about seeing how many pushups we can do, Alpha Male football team style. Among computer science guys, the term Alpha Male usually doesn't apply. (I'm a computer science guy writting this, so if some computer geek wants to write me hate mail. Just back off son. I'm sure you are a L33T H4X0R.) There is just a definite lack of extraverted people. It is hard to get energy going among a large group of software engineers. We sip coffee and stare at computer monitors all day. We speak in terms of Abstraction, Objects, and Algorithm. We use acronyms like POJO, DAO, and EJB. It can be barely called English at times.

I think adding a few women to the scene would really change this thing around. There definitely would be little more incentive for the doods here to get some energy going if a woman was at the other side of the interaction. Maybe hotels that see conferences such as this are coming to town, they could advertise it to female software engineers in the local newspapers? Get them to show up for the conference and brighten the place up a little. Or maybe we need to have a some kind of ratio enforced much like a single mixer. (I'm not saying anyone should be looking for dates here. Hellz no. But I'm sure there are probably some doods here that wouldn't mind finding that a singles mixer is taking place during the conference.)

So whats my point? I have no idea. Girls are nice to look at and for other things too (not I would know what those other things are). And in the computer science field I would say they are like putting potpourri in the bathroom. They make something that stinks at times, smell just a little better.

Happy Birthday Sara!

Sara is the name of my sister.
A few months ago she was a mister.
Her name used to be Chip,
then the doctor gave her a snip.
and now her weiner does miss her.

Happy B-day Sara!!! (wah wah you're old)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Viva Miami!!!

This post can be filled under complete stupidity. In "playing" with my digital camera, I managed to erase all my cool South Beach pics. Doh!!!! Ahwell, just an excuse for me and the big wheel biker gang to get down there! You do know of the big wheel biker gang don't you?

Miami was awesome. It seemed like another world to me at times. I think I defintely was suffering from a little bit of culture shock when I first got there.

Last night, I met with a friend of mine and we went to a great Cuban restaurant on the Lincoln Mall, called Yuca. The food was fantastic. I had the "Frided Whole Red Snapper". It was a whole red snapper stuffed with rice, avacado, and tomatoes. After dinner, I walked around the mall, found a spot to sit and drank a few beers and people watched. It was a very chill.

Today was the classic South Beach day for which I was searching. Just laying on the beach, under the brilliant sun. No wind. Just me a towel and a beach. I even went for a swim a couple times. Booyah!!!

Much to my confusion, no one offered me a job as model for all the walking I did around South Beach. Clearly there must be something wrong!!!

I'll put some more thoughts together on Miami when I find the time.

Right now, I am at a conference for work in Hollywood FL. We are staying at the Westin Diplomat. This hotel is incredible. I could definitely enjoy myself here for more than a little while. I am off to try and convince my co-workers to get drunk with me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

what did you do today?

I laid on the beach for 4 hours!

South Beach is really nice. It is quite literally a city right next to the beach, which is very different from the beaches I have ever been to.

Cars Seen:
  • Classic Black Rolls Royce (R and R)
  • Yellow Lamburgini with matching rims
  • Bently Convertable

It is supposed to go down to 70 degrees tonight. I'm not sure what I'm going to do?

Chilling on South Beach

Walked around Ocean Drive, Washington Ave, and Collins Ave for a few hours yesterday. It was good time. At night, I hoped in one of those tourist trap bars on Ocean drive. It was o.k., but I hoping to find something a little more chill this evening. Apparently South Beach takes Tuesdays off. Which I can understand.

Unfotunately, it is overcast today. It is not that classic sunny Miami day everyone gets in there mind. I'm gonna go grab some breakfast and check out the beach.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Book Report

On the plane I finished reading the book, On the Ridge between Life and Death by David Roberts. The book is the author's memoir of mountaineering, and in it he asks the question, "was all the risks he took worth what he gained from mountaineering?"

The book starts out really fast with him describing the first of 3 deaths that occured while he was rock climbing. He then proceeds to describe his life including events that shaped him beyond climbing. In describing all his climbs, which include many epic trips to Alaska and completing some monsterous first ascents there, he looks over his life and how his climbing affects himself and the people around him. He goes into detailed description of climbs. He also is was a very good friend of Jon Krachauer, auther of Into Thin Air.

The greatness of this book really takes shape in the last chapter when he attempts to answer the question climbing raises. He gives other climber's answers to the question and then answers the question himself. I won't give you his conclusion, but it is a great book and I suggest you read it.

btw. Yes, I'm in miami!!!!

It was a great book.

Blogging from the Philly Airport

Thats right kids!!!! I love you guys so much I risked looking like a tool bag at the airport typing away something important to get this blog post to you. Never say I don't love my readers.

What follows are some random musings . . . .

  • Why did I get to airport and through security by 8:05am for a flight that takes off at 9:55am? I guess being able to relax at the airport is nice. There certainly are plenty of ways to waste time here. I was considering grabbing a beer. I am on vacation. I got coffee and bagel instead.
  • How come all the crazy people work at the airport? Ok, this one isn't true. There are crazy people working everywhere.
  • Is this the first time I will be flying by myself? Oddly enough, it is!!! Realizing this fact last night wigged me out. I usually rely heavily on the people I travel with for things like where to go and how much time we have. This is especially true at an airport.
  • Oh crap. I just realized I forgot suncreen!!! I will need to pick some up before I go to the beach.
  • Why didn't I bring my running shoes? I nice run on the beach would do me good.
  • Not that I would go to one of those places, but I heard there is famous "adult" entertainment establishment 4 miles away from my hotel in Hollywood.
  • I also just realized I forgot to take EmergenC this morning. GRRRRR. Maybe if I travelled more I wouldn't forget such things! I see someone mixing some. I wonder if she has an extra packet that she wouldn't mind giving up for a handsome young man such as myself. If I get sick on the plane it is my own damn fault. ( I once caught a cold on a plane travelling to race an Ironman Triathlon. It made me angry. )
  • Only one more hour till my flight is supposed to take off.
  • I could take a job that involved sipping coffee, typing and reading. Add in the occasional conversation and I am there.
  • Well, I think I'm done here. Hopefully the wireless in my hotel works just as well as the Philly airport wireless. Way to go Philly on have some decent wireless in the airport. I hope your feeling my brotherly love.

Next time I post I'm in Miami.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Rolling out!

I'm rolling out Miami in the morning. Hoping to hit some clubs on South Beach, and have some drinks on the beach. I should be able to blog. My hotel claims to have an internet connection. I probably won't be able to post pics until the weekend.

Lost the Challenge

As Bubba was very quick to point out, I missed the twice a day blogging challenge yesterday. I didn't even get one post up. Well, I would say I'm surprised, but I'm not. Some of these posts left a lot to be desired. I'll try to stick to it for the next few days until the 30 day challenge truely ends.

The reason I didn't post any blogs last night was I was stressing out!!! See since I'm travelling the next few days, I have to make sure everything is sexy. By sexy, I mean that all hotel rooms are still there and everything is still lined up. The act of travelling doesn't stress me so much as actually getting ready for it.

Oddly enough, I usually always clean my place before travelling since I don't like coming home to a messy condo. This makes absolutely no sense. My place is really messy when I'm living here day to day, but when I get home from travelling, it must be clean.

Then I have to laundry out the whazoo since I'm out of town for 5 days. I try to layout outfits of what I'm going to wear. I go a little overboard.

One of my challenges for the week is trying to get from South Beach Miami to Hollywood, FL in a day without renting a car. I don't really know how I'm going to do it on the cheap. But I'm destined to find a cheap way of getting there. It is only a 40 minute drive at best, but I don't really want to pay a taxi either. Do any concerned citizens have any ideas?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Into the city

Rolling into the city tonight, I'm running late as it is.

Having some Happy Birthday drinks with Gay K. Who isn't actually gay. So smoke em if you got em.

The Horseshoe Trail

The Horshoe Trail, a I explained earlier, is a trail that connects the Applichian Trail to Valley Forge Park. This afternoon I walked some more of the trail. It really isn't much of a trail. It is basically a path that at times follows roads, telephone lines or runs parallel to roads. You can usually always see someone's house or a road. It is very clearly marked by yellow dots painted on trees or telephone posts. You can read more about it here.

So why am I blogging about the trail? Because as I was walking I figured that I could probably do at least 60 miles of it during my winter vacation. I think I could hike 20 miles a day and finish at least half of it in 3 days. The average temperature would be around 30 degrees, or so I figure. So what are my obstacles?

How do I carry 3 days of water with me? I figure I would need 4 gallons of water. Some for cooking and drinking half a gallon a day. Does that seem right? I probably need to do some more research on water consumption.

How much food would I need to carry? 2 square meals and snacks. That wouldn't be that big a deal.

Cold tolerance? What if it gets really cold which is the way it should be. It was 70 degrees yesterday! what was up with that. Remember when December was cold? I figure I could sleep on my balcony for a few nights to get used to the cold weather. I might have to purchase a better sleeping bag.

Those are my 3 main concerns. The weather ain't that much of a concern. If it snows that would just make it more epic in my min. Rain would suck. I don't really like being wet and cold. Not really much fun.

Acutally my final concern is people. I don't really trust people I don't know. So camping out solo in a tent in the middle of nowhere might not be the best thing ever. The boogie man could be watching me, or more likely some local that doesn't like people using the trail. Eh, I can't really worry about that too much. If it happens, it happens. I would never carry a gun with me cause that just ain't me.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Cycling Team

I plan on joining the Human Zoom Cycling team. Hopefully I don't embarress them too much.

If you wonder why this post is soo short you should study the previous post. Sorry kids, that is how Friday is.

A New Haiku

Friday Afternoon

May I please go home?
All my friends are at the bar.
A beer would taste great.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Cha Cha Changes"

This whole blog could be an editor's note:

So I'm gonna make a fully legit blog that deals with cycling, triathlon, rock climbing and whatever. But I'm also gonna keep up this blog. Why? Cause this is more of my personal blog where I keep the stupid things that come across my mind. Just call me the Gertrude Stien of blogging. . . . a blog is a blog is a blog. Honestly, I think the personal blog will be the fun blog. We'll see about how this serious blogging stuff works out. I may come running back to this blog.

In other news: I think some beers should have a symbol if they have more than 10% alcohol. This not a complaint. It is just that I would like to know when I'm cracking open a 10%+ alcohol beer. For instance after rock climbing this evening I had a beer with some chips and salsa. I grabbed a Troegg's Mad Elf. It is 11% alcohol. Not exactly what I need to be grabbing at 10:30 pm.

More Rock Climbing

I just got back from the Philly Rock (Climbing) Gym. Frustration was the theme of the evening there. My "suck switch" was turned on, and the dial was cranked way up. The gym was super crowded which leaves me less inspired, and I was really tired. Being out till 1 in the morning and having beers for last night's dinner probably wasn't helping. I stuck to the routes I could do and then made next no progress on the relatively harder routes. Other than progresing through harder and harder routes it is very hard to judge improvement in rock climbing. I'll be back there Sunday night.

At the risk of getting a little too serious, I'll list a few things I know would lead to some definite improvement in my rock climbing abilities.
  1. Sit ups. At times the only thing keeping you on the wall is your core strength. Hanging up side down from an overhang with nothing but your fingers and toes holding on. There is some serious core strength being demonstrated.
  2. Flexability. This is probably one of the most underated things anyone can do to improve fitness.
  3. Lessons. There are somethings that I can't learn unless someone flat out tells me. Also it is great to have someone yelling at you while your going for the next hold.
  4. Arm Strength. Forarms and Tricepts are huge in rock climbing. Popeye would have been one hell of a climber!!! I usually finish the night on the strength wall, trying to improve forearm and hand strength.
  5. Footwork! This is probably what needs the most work for myself. You can have your foot on the correct foot hold, but it will also matter how your foot is on that hold. Just placing it there will not help you get to the next handhold. Pointing your toes. Twisting your foot. Taking care to place your feet correctly definitely helps.
Only 2 of the 5 items had anything specifically to do with rock climbing. Maybe I can work on these at home a little, but first I would have to put down the beer.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another Bday Poem

I once knew a boy named Andrew
who made funny faces to pooh
his face would turn pink
then something would stink
change his diaper is all we could do

Happy Birthday Andrew!!! Work on those pooh faces son!!!!

Travelling . . .

I'm gonna be out of the office for a few days next week. Heading down to Miami and then to Hollywood (FL). It should be a good time. Who knows maybe I'll learn something?

And in other news . . . I booked my trip to Belgium last night. Thats right kids. I'm going overseas. Hopefully, they're making enough Belgium Ale for me. I should call ahead and make sure they stock up. I gonna try to sample most of the fine Belgium Ale that can't be found here. YEAH!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bouldering Improvement

I hit up the Rock Gym after work. It was nice to see some definite improvement in my bouldering skills. I did several new routes and was able to make somewhat decent attempts at routes that I thought were previously unatainable. These problems are going to be soon within my abilities. My forearms get really pumped because I don't exactly use the most efficient form and I rely alot on my height to get me through problems.

The real negative from rock climbing at the gym is that I am a "death gripper". I grab the handholds with too much force. These leads to an excessive amount of callouses and blisters to appear on my hands the day afterwards. Rough hands are not sexy.

On a side note, Two burritos do not make great pre-rock climbing dinner.


My hibernation period has started. Getting fat is gonna be fun. But don't think that I'm getting fat without a purpose. Oh no. I've rationalized this hibernation. I figure a little physical and mental rest will do my training some good. Think of it as starting with a blank canvas. I need to be a large block of stone that Michealangelo will turn into "The David".

If I'm not working out what will I be doing? Chillin, Livin, whateva. I'm still gonna rock climb, just because I enjoy it and it doesn't really stress me out. I stink at it way too much for me to be concerned with the result. I'll be in Florida for a week, so that will take up a big chunck of my hibernation! If you want party with the Leave The Fan On auther, now is certainly a good time to do it. I may hop in the pool before hibernation ends, but I view hibernation mainly as a break from cycling. Considering I haven't swam in almost a year, I have no need to take a break from that.

When does this hibernation end? I have that scheduled for Dec. 18th. Then I will begin base training for what I hope to be a succesful cycling season. Followed by a return to an Ironman triathlon. I already feel the pain train.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I have 15 minutes to post this blog or I will lose the 30 day blogging challenge!!!

I'm thinking about hiking the entire hosreshoe trail over Christmas break. It is a 130 trail that connects Valley Forge Park to the Appalachain trail in Harrisburg. How many days do you think I can do it in? Do I have any takers on 6 days? That would be 20+ miles per day of hiking.

hmmm, maybe I should actually think these things through before I go post them willy nilly on my blog.

Bienvenido a Miami!

Thats right Kids, I'm going to Miami (South Beach)!!!

What will I being doing there? God only knows at this point, but this time next week I'll be packing my bags. I'm staying a block off of Ocean Drive, so it should be no problem finding somewhere to go. At worst, It rains for the two days I'm there and I sit at a coffee shop drinking coffee and reading. At best, it doesn't rain and I chill on the beach for 2 days.

Anyone been to South Beach? Got any sugestions of places I must see? Let me know!!! Don't be afraid to share. I'll take my camera in case there is anything worth sharing while I'm there.

I figure I'll take in the night life while I'm there, but I'm not sure how much will be going on there considering it will be a Tuesday and Wednesday night. I've been listening to some Dirty Vegas and Paul Oakenfold to get myself pumped.

After my two days on the beach, I'm off to a conference in Hollywood, FL, which should be educational as well as inspirational.

On a lighter note, I'm in full on fat mode. Thats right kids, cut up those gym membership cards with me! (You would think that I would try to get a beach body together for Miami. Forget That!!!) It is time to pack on weight for the winter. I'm even secretly hoping for just a really brutally cold next few weeks. I want nothing but sub 40 degree weather and clouds. Throw in a little snow just for fun. It is time to hibernate. I've got the beer. I've got the chips and salsa and I've got the commitment! I'm getting fat and no one is going to stop me!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who says I can't cook?

I had a whole bottle of salsa last night, and tonight for dinner, I'm having some more chips and salsa!

Longs Peak (part one)

With my increasing interest in mountainering, I felt I would recount my lovely experience with Long's Peak Mtn. For those who don't know Long's Peak is the only 14,000 foot mountain in Rocky Mtn National Park. To summit Long's Peak in one day you will experience a 4,500 foot altitude gain and hike over 16 miles.

With a little coaxing, I had convinced my brother, sister and sister in law to attempt to summit Long's Peak Mtn in one day after 4 days of car camping in Rocky Mtn National Park. We plan to wake up at 3:00 am, and start hiking around 3:30 to summit before any possible afternoon thunderstorms could fall upon us. I am really pumped to summit.

We wake up. Grab our bags. Make sure we have everything and start hiking. Since it is still dark out, we hike via flash light for the first few hours. As we climbed up Longs Peak, I can remember seeing the sun rise over the park, as we worked our way up the mountain. Who knew what sun and the mountain had in store for us later?

After about a few hours of hiking, we were making regular stops to stay hidrated and fuel up on the trail mix and pretzels we had brought with us. Everything seemed to be going very smoothly. At one stop, I noticed that we forgot the 7 peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches that we made the previous night. Our calorie intake is going to be shortened significantly. I remember thinking that we should turn around at that point. Go hang out in Estes Park. Anything but this. Summiting this mountain was not going to take place without those sandwhiches, but my desire to summit kept my mouth shut.

We make it to the timberline. Everyone is fine. Walking up the mountain at a steady pace, we are focused on the goal. We make it to the outhouse that marks the split in the trail from Chasm Lake to the Summit of Long's Peak. We take silly photoes of each other in the outhouse. It seems like it should not be a problem summiting this mountain, even though we still have more than 5 miles from the summit.

As we continue on, I start to feel a little fatigued which quickly turns into very fatigued. It would be a long painful day . My brother notices that I haven't spoken in over 5 minutes. An obvious sign that something is wrong. I eat some trail mix. (At this point it makes me want to gag.) We solider on.

We make it to Boulder Field. It looks exactly like it sounds, a giant field of boulders. We stop. I eat an apple and some pretzels. I am better almost instantly. Amazing what a little salt will do for you. Scrambing over the boulders we make it to the Keyhole. The keyhole is small opening that leads to the other side of the mountain and shows you Glacier Gorge which expands for several thousand feet below. (too be continued.)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cross has made it big?

A nice article about cyclocross in the NY Times!!!

Why Limit your breakfast?

Do you limit your breakfast? Do you sit there and eat toast or cereal because a long time ago that is what someone told you, you should be eating for breakfast?

Me? I am not hindered by these inferior thoughts of what breakfast can be. I will always be having my cup of coffee with breakfast. There is no doubt in that, but cereal or toast? You have got to be kidding me. What is wrong with a nice turkey sandwich for breakfast? Especially when that breakfast takes place at around 10 am. I say have a sandwich. Don't be hungary for the next few hours waiting for lunch. Just make your breakfast a little more manly.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What are you listening to?

Want to figure out what you are listening to? Well, if you use Itunes and you should be, then check out your 25 most played playlist or just list your library by play count either does the trick. Here is mine, in order from most played to least.

  • Just Pretend, The Bens
  • New Slang, The Shins
  • Bruised, The Bens
  • Caring is Creepy, The Shins
  • No Right Angles, Ben Lee
  • The Sound of Settling, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Stop!, The Bens
  • No More Shoes, Stephen Malkmus
  • Start Again, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Animal Midnight, Stephen Malkmus
  • Xfire, The Bens
  • Don't Panic, Coldplay
  • Kindling for the Master, Stephen Malkmus
  • Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Blacking Out the Friction, Death Cab for Cutie
  • In the Waiting Line, Zero 7
  • Father to a Sister of Thought, Pavement
  • Witch Mountain Bridge, Stephen Malkmus
  • Expo 86, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Young Pilgrim, The Shins
  • Range Life, Pavement
  • Frontward, Pavement
  • Tiny Vessels, Death Cab for Cutie
  • We're All In This Together, Ben Lee
  • Addiction, Kanye West
Why am I crazy for The Bens? Because their EP was the first album I bought off of the Itunes Music Store. Hence it has a really high count on my play list.

Keeping up "The Big Mo!!!"

In these transitional moments, is when I can get in danger of losing "The Big Mo!"

What is "The Big Mo?", momentum!!! Cyclocross season is over for me, with the exception going and watching nationals, and cyclocross worlds. But I still need to maintain my fitness, and keep up the staying fit momentum. If I spend too many days not working out, I'll just get lazy and it will be really hard to get going again.

So what is the next big fitness challenge? The 4.4 mile swim across the Chessapeake is really the next biggest challenge. I have not regularly swam in over a year. So it is going to take some time, to get my form back together and then to build my swim fitness. The most important training is going to take place the next few weeks. Rebuilding my form so that my swim stroke is efficient and quick will help me get through the 4.4 mile swim much quicker. I should probably look up some drills on proper swim form and hip rotation. Fun Stuff. I can't wait to smell like chlorine all winter!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


So I was thinking about writting these 2 blogs a day. Thats right kids, you haven't forgotten that I am in the middle of the 30 day blogging challenge. 2 blogs a day. I'm cranking out more crap than you kids can shovel.

I am going to try to find a way to figure out how much I've written without having to go back and count everything. I would love to know exactly how many words I've written, and how many words per blog I average. Stupid stuff like that. I am sure there could even be better stats, like topics versus words written.

I imagine that my averages are fairly low. These blogs don't exactly take me all day to write and most of them are silly. Such as the Turkey Day Hiaku I wrote yesterday.

How am I going to do this? Well, I might have to write a computer program to do it. Uh Oh. Someone might actually be using their degrees. (notice the plural, i'm not bragging i'm just saying.) If I could figure out how to connect to the database that stores all these blogs, I'm sure a few simple queries could generate all the stats my little heart desires. In fact, I would be really surpised if Google didn't offer a simple API to run these queries. That would be kind of sweet, and I could crank out this little project in an hour or two. I'll let you know how it goes.

All rightie, Have a Happy Turkey Day!!!

Cycling Trainers

I am about to purchase a new cycling trainer. I am choosing between the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer and the 1 up USA bicycle trainer. Do beleive Consumer Reports has info on cycling trainers? No shit. Unfortunately, I am not about to pay for their precious little report. I've got you people!!!

I see alot people rocking the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer at races. So obviously it must be a trusted trainer, but my boy Matt rocks the 1 Up USA trainer. He likes it and it seems very reliable. His recomendation means just as much as the horde of people using the CycleOps Trainer.

One big thing the 1 Up USA bicycle trainer has going for it is that is made in the USA as the name would imply. I have read the propoganda from the 1 Up Usa web site. Now the CycleOps webiste is definitely more professional. There is even PhD guy telling me that I will be more competitive through using this trainer. ( I would like to belevie the competitiveness has more to with spirit than with science. Although science always helps. To strengthen my arguement please watch Rocky 4, but I digress.)

I'm sure either trainer would be fine, and I am more torn now having written this. So if you have experience with either trainer let me know. I'ld like to order one this week.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little Turkey Hiaku

I love Turkey Day
Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing
Losening my belt

Pre Race Report PA Cyclocross Championship.

Well, this when I would normally post a pre-race report for the PA State Cyclocross Championships, but you won't be finding that here.

Why? Cause I'm too much of a wus to race the B men catagory. Seeing how I am currently getting my ass handed to me in the men C race, how am I going to compete in the men B race? It just ain't gonna happen. The men C race is not really an option for this race because it lasts only 30 minutes and takes place at 9:15 in the morning. Did I mention the race takes place in Carlisle, PA ( a 2 hour drive)? My time is worth more to me than that.

So do I wake up at 5 am to race or do I step up to the plate and race the men's b. As much as I love embarassing myself, the b men race is not really an option, so I am probably going to stay at home and chill. Maybe I'll get some left overs and make myself a nice turkey sandwhich.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Biggest Party Night of the Year?!?!

In the northeast, the night before Thanksgiving has been crowned the biggest party night of the year. So where are we partying?

I might call up some people and see whats going on. But on the other hand, I might just go hit up the climbing wall. Get in some bouldering before I stuff myself with Turkey. Really crowded bars were never really my scene with only a few exceptions.

Cyclocross worlds (here i come)

Thats right kids, I'm planning a trip to see Cyclocross Worlds on January 27 and 28 in Gits, Belgium. It should be a rocking time. Belgium beers, surrounded by a bunch of people who only care about cyclocross, and watching the world championships! BooHay!

There are even a few racers from the MAC Cyclocross series that are going over, so it will be fun to see a few familar places in a foreign land.

But this is where you kids come in!! Anyone out there ever been to Belgium? What to do in Belgium once the race is over? I'm staying in Brugge for 3 nights. I've bought some books but personal accounts are always much better. If you have some suggestions let me know, even if you have only heard or read that such and such is a good time.

But the fun doesn't end there. You wouldn't think that I would just go see worlds and come back here do you?! hellz no. After Cyclocross worlds, I'm spending to 2 nights in Brussells and 3 nights in Paris. Thats right, I'm bolding going where I have never been before! With the last name of Gardiner, I figure I should go see my roots.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing in Brussells or Paris. Once again, suggestions are welcome. I would not be surprised if Belgium turned into a brewery tour. Part of me just wants to hang out and doing nothing. If that makes any sense. Go enjoy some food, talk to some people. Drink some wine. Act like it is no big deal that I am in Paris. I'm sure I'll end up staring at a few paintings when I'm in Paris.

When I figure out exactly what I might be doing I'll let you kids know.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Who did this?

Who put oatmeal in my stout? I didn't ask for oatmeal in my stout, and I really would perfer it not be there!!!

Ahh, the beauty of a shortened work week. Wednesday is the new Friday people, I suggest you prepare accordingly.

All right enough B.S. Lets talk Turkey. In honor of Thanksgiving coming up and I know that my loyal yet finicky readership tends to disapear on the weekends. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Low stress. None of the present buying that comes with "Chrismahannakwanza". You show up at your relative's place with a strong appetite, and they deliver with some kick ass food. You get drunk off eating too much (some of you may get drunk off just drinking), and then you just make of fun each other for the next few hours. Good times in my book.

In my house, the turkey has become a science. If the kitchen were a lecture hall my father would be the professor. Or perhaps he is the Collin Powell of the kitchen, using overwhelming force to pound the turkey into submission. Either way, his turkies always kick ass.

What kind of sides do we have? Mashed Potatoes. Duh. Stuffing. No Doubt! Cranberry Sauce. You know it!!! Salad. Anything for digestion. Creamed Onions? ( wait one second? )

I don't who in my family is directly responsible for these nasty things ending up on my Thanksgiving table, but they owe me one giant apology. Creamed Onions are just gross man. For those you, who don't know what I maybe talking about I will describe it. Take some onions cook them in a pot with thick cream sauce. Like a cream soup but much more milky. I didn't really do the description justice, but trust me they are heinous. If I am ever in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, they will be stricken from the menu. Replaced with a nice bottle of Chimay!!!

Then we have desserts. Thats right kids, you did leave room for a peice of pumpkin pie or blueberry pie. Thats right, we let you choose. Don't be afraid to ask for peice pumpkin even after the first 3 people asked for pumpkin. There is only one Thanksgiving, and you know that blueberry pie will be back on the dessert plate the next night. And make sure you specify if you want regular or decaff coffee. After eating as much food as I do, you know I need a little caffine to keep my energy going.

One of my other favorite Thanksgiving pastimes is to walk around the house singing Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving song over and over again. How can you not enjoy that song?

Well, have a good Thanksgiving kids!!! Be sure to stay on top of the news here at Leave the Fan On. A pre-race report will be coming up tomorrow or wednesday for the PA state cycloross race.

Some body get me some advil?

Yo yo!!!! I bet you thought this post wasn't going to arrive. (Bubba, I know you were worried.)

Well, I am more than a little sore after this weekend of racing. There is even a nice little bruise on my back from bike pedal hitting me while running. Normally you don't run with the bike that much, so it ain't that big a deal. Next weekend State Championships and then I sit back reflect on the season.

What is the next competition for me to make an ass out myself? Well, I hope to start regularly bouldering at the rock climbing wall, and I plan on doing the cross Cheasapeake Swim next summer. Which means I need to get my fat ass into a pool about 4 times a week. My big mouth has been writting checks it can't cash about that swim.

Since the weather will turn to suck for a while, I am going to probably try to fix my place up a little. I already hear the laughing. Those in the know, know that my condo has been a never ending construction zone for the last 2 years. Who knows maybe this is the few months I fix it all up. For those who don't know, here is the list of things that are not right in my condo.

  • The kitchen sink is broke
  • The wall paper/paint is partially removed from the kitchen
  • The living room and dining room only have primer on them.
  • the hand rail for the stairs is gone.
  • the carpet needs to steam cleaned or replaced
  • hallway only has primer on it
  • 2nd bedroom has whole in wall. (that damn kangaroo!)
  • Bedroom should be painted and wall paper trim should go.
  • Master bathroom has wall paper removed, and has no mirror nor cabinet.
Yeah, I know you are woefully shaking your head. What can I do?, these things happen. Especially when a kangaroo chews a whole in your wall.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big Ups to Matteis!!!

My boy Matt ran a 3:26 Philly Marathon today!!! As if that wasn't enough, he hoped on a plane a few hours later. That guy will probably have legs made of steel for the next 3 days. Way to be!!!!

Evo Race Report

Well, kids after a night of drinkin' with Johnny D, I go out and have myself another mud filled cross race. The promoters managed to change the course a little to lessen the mud, but seriously it would have taken a miracle to fix the mud.

I definitely imporved on my race, but I was in a world of pain after two laps. I don't think 5 beers does much for your race shape. Oh well, a man cannot live on cycling alone.

The best part of the race itself was the start. It was a few meters then a right turn into a complete mud field. NICE!!! I managed to ride through it the first time, but it was much more efficient to run through it on the rest of the laps. Trying to find the one line that will let me ride my bike is always nice too. I'm a little less successful at that challenge.

All in all, it was great weekend of cross racing. It took me an 20 minutes to get the mud off my bike both days. One race will till I can sit back and get fat. State's next weekend!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Picks of my Bike Post Race

Here are some pics.

That ain't going in my car

There is a derailuer in there somewhere.

Working harder than Nascar in the pits.

Guy's Cross Race Report

I once slept with a girl with a Windy Bush, it gave me a bad case of Pid Cock.

Don't mind me, I'm just a little delerious from the cross race. Well, if you're reading this that must mean you want know about the cross race. Lets start with a little description of the course.
The Course: Flat as a pancake. Two sets of barriers. A section commonly known as the spiral of death (imagine riding in a circle). A nice little section that involves a stream crossing right into a run up. The course was on private land that was farm fields that were mowed down to allow us to ride our bikes. And oh yeah did I mention that there may been some mud on the course?

Yeah, there was some mud on the course. About 12 tons. The course must have been 75% mud.

The Race: So is this where I start listing my excuses? No. I take a position in the middle of the pack for the start. The gun goes off and we all flying down the course into the first turn that takes us into the first path around a field. It wasn't too chaotic, but on the far end of this loop around the field the mud was rediculous!! I was riding through most of it but when I could no longer see the rim of bike, I hopped of the bike to run with it. The however I did notice that my heroic attempt to ride through the mud was not going to go unpunished. In the other corn field, my bike starts to pick up hay. hmmmm. All of the sudden, my bike isn't pedalling anymore. Well, if my bike doesn't pedal, i'm not moving. I hop off to clear mud and grime away from the brakes and deraiulers. Racers go zipping past me. Damn. This pattern will continue for the rest of the race. I hop on ride it for a little while, it stops working or makes me work really hard, and I stop to clean it. After two laps, the mud has gotten so thick and I have lost my patience for it. What do I decide to do? Well, I know I can run, so that is what I do. I ran for probably 50% of the final lap and I didn't lose any places and may have gained at least one. It was a fun race. I managed to not fall over which is a good thing. Ultimately I finished 2nd to last. (at least I beat someone!)

It was good see the cross racers that I haven't seen in two weeks. They are all really cool people. A single speeder ended up winning my race. Way to go Peter!

What was also really impressive was watching the pit section during the Elite Master's Race. They would switch bikes every lap, and there would be about 3 people per bike cleaning it. Amazing!!!

Conclusion: Same course tomorrow. Clean the bike. I should be ready to go get some revenge for todays sorry results.

The Ride Home: So I decide my bike is way too muddy to throw in the back of my car. But my bike rack is sketchy in that it really only tightly holds one side of the fork. Oh Well. I throw the bike up there. Everything is fine until I get to the turnpike construction area. All those bumps are throwing my bike around. Every few minutes, I casually roll down the window. Stick my arm out and tighten the bike rack while driving. I'm sure the people behind me loved seeing that. I had to pee really really bad so there was no time to waste and pull over.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pre Race Nutrition

Pre-Face: I am not a nutritionist of any kind. So take this advice with a grain of salt. Actually salt ain't that great for you, take it with a nice salad.

Is pre-race nutrition actually important? Yes, but it really varies from person to person. I'll tell you what works well for me. The most important thing is to experiment with what you eat otherwise you may never find what works for you.

THE DAY BEFORE THE RACE is when I start thinking about what I should be eating for the next day of competition. ( Another key factor that has nothing to do with this article is sleep. I find that sleep the night before the day before a race is most critical. For a Saturday race, that would be Thursday night's sleep.) So what do I eat? I am a carb-monster, and I am not very fond of any lactose the day before races. Mornings, I drinks some coffee, and usually a bagel. Nothing too complicated. As a snack I'll have some nuts. Lunch, I usually have a sandwhich or pizza. (I usually get pizza that lacks cheese.) Dinner is when I get really concerned about what I eat. Everything before dinner probably doesn't affect my race too much unless I eat complete crap. Avoid fast food at all costs.

So dinner I cook the night before race is almost always penne past with chicken strips and a few slices of wheat bread. I have an apple a few hours after. I also drink a lot of water.

Now I know what your thinking, "This guy takes this cross shit seriously!" Well, I do, but I'm also a realist. I have strayed from this many a time. I like to think I have a social life. I have had beers the night before a cross race. In fact one my best races this season, I went to Monk's Cafe the night before and had several belgium beers and some mussels. But I knew the day before so I tried to compensate for what I felt was a poor pre-race dinner.

Now the morning of the race is fairly simple. Have a normal breakfast. For myself that entails, a cup of coffee, a glass of "Emergan C" and a bagel. During the drive to the race, I eat a cliff bar the hour before the gun will go off. I also sip gatoraide and water up untill the gun goes off. That is it. There is no need for a water bottle during a cross race, so don't bother putting a bottle cage on your bike!!!

I know some people eat energy gels 10 minutes before the race. This probably a great idea. I have not experimented with this. If you choose to be sure to drink 5 oz of water with it or else you may very well get sick to your stomach during the first lap of the race.

An Honest Assessment . . . .

So, I'm one day away from a full weekend of racing. It is time to look into the mirror and be honest about where my fitness lies. To do this, let me draw an analogy to one of my favorite cyclists.

Anyone remember the news about Jan Ulrich before the 2004 Tour de France? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Well, the big news was how much weight Jan Ulrich gained in the off season. Supposedly he was horribly out of shape. He was somewhere around 14 kilograms overweight!!! In fact, people were posting pictures of him riding the bike with captions like "who ate all the cake? Jan did." It wasn't very pretty. Althought he still finished fourth, so all you Ulrich haters better respect.

So, I'm much like Jan before the 2004 Tour. I ate all cake. In fact my cross bike still needs to be cleaned and put together before the weekend. I haven't riddent that bike in well over a week. I am going to accordingly manage my expectations. Success will involve not falling over, and possibly imporving my technique on Sunday. Anything else is just gravy. (Hmmm, gravy, turkey, stuffing, TURKEY) sorry, i got a little lost thinking about Turkey day.

Hopefully, these races go well. Stay tuned for a full race report possible Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What you need to ask yourself is . . .

Did I read Charles' blog today? And if not, you better have a damn good excuse!!!

I'm in a bit of a rush today so, I'm going to give you all a little teaser as to what might be coming down the blogging pipeline. If you have a topic that you would like me to discuss, leave it in the comments. I promise I'll get to it!

Well, here are some up coming posts that you have to look forward to . .. . . .

  • Weekend Race reports from both Guy's Cross and Evo Cross (sure to be epic).
  • Rock Climbing. (I've got the rock climbing/mountaineering bug really bad.)
  • Pre-race nutrition for cyclo-cross ( per Ravi's suggestion )
  • The Story of Longs Peak! (Yes, I attempted to hike Long's Peak in RMNP.)
  • Planning a Trip to Belgium (this will probably be a series of posts. How, why, where, and when)
  • Should LeaveTheFanOn go legit? (Eh, probably not)
  • Why I hate commuting. (aka. Listen to me piss and moan.)

Outside of these serious topics, I'm sure I'll stumble into topics that are much more fun.

Morning is a time for peace

A lot people I know get up in the morning and rush out the door in half of an hour. I have done that and I can still do it, but I would rather not. My mornings need to be a time of peace and quiet. A little reflection on the day that lays before me, and a little reminissing on the night I just left. I can easily spend 3 hours drinking coffee, reading, and just relaxing into my mornings.

Some people might think I am lazy because of this. They maybe right, but I perfer to think of it as pacing myself.

One of my favorite possesions is a white terry cloth robe. Everyone should have one. You put it on and all of the sudden it becomes an impossiblity to rush out the door. You enter the tranquil state of chillin. You're not rushin, you're chillin.

So take a day to chill in the mornings. Granted weekends are easier than weekdays, but weekdays feel so much better. As you see everyone rush around the parking lot, you can sip your coffee and woefully shake your head. These people have yet to learn the beauty of chilling in the morning.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dating. (yes, i'm blogging about Dating)

Preface: I received a complaint from one of my loyal blog readers, Bubba, that my blog has recently dealt way too much with physical activity. So, I allowed him to choose the subject of tonight's blog . . . . Dating. Obviously, my experiences with dating don't have much to do with physical activity so he should be quite happy. Without further ado, I present you my dating blog.

What can I say about blogging that hasn't already been said? Not much.

Postface: Bubba also wanted me to relate a story to you about how I once got crabs and had to burn them off. It was a painful experience but I'm a better man for it.

What Bubba doesn't tell you is he got crabs from the same prostitute 3 weeks later.

A very early pre-race weekend report

I just signed up for 2 races this weekend, Boohay!

Guy's Cross race on Saturday and then Evo Cross on Sunday, both in beautiful New Hope, PA. In fact, the course is the same both days, which should be interesting on Sunday because the course will be "ridden down" come Sunday. If I have trouble following lines come Sunday, there just ain't any hope for me.

You would think I that would give you some kind of description of the course here. But I got nothing. I have no info about the course other than where and that there is a creek. However that creek could make things very muddy. It is supposed to rain buckets Thursday night on top of the rain we have had all week. If water collects all over the course it could be a fun weekend of very muddy cross racing!!! How awesome would that be? (I tend to define awesome in strange ways.) I still haven't had the epic cross race where all you see are two eyes poking out from a mud covered face. (for reference) One can only hope for a super muddy course.

How is my fitness? Par for the course. I've been busy trying to plan a trip to Belgium and distracted by other things to get on my bike all too often this week. I don't expect any miracles this weekend. I'll pedal till my lungs jump out of my body and hitchhike back home. It is what I do in cross races.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Burritoes on the brain

I really need to start watching what I eat. (Where did that phrase come from, cause I don't eat with my eye's closed.)

For lunch today, I decided to eat a burrito at BajaFresh. I have a profound love for BajaFresh. and their Burrito Mexicano. It has no dairy products. Which makes it excellent in my book.

Anyways, I decide to go Trader Joe's to get some food. I buy a package of microwavable burritoes among other things. I built up a monster hunger waiting in line, cause right when I got home I threw those bad boys in the microwave. Only minutes later, did I ask myself, "what did I have for lunch today?" (the answer: "Hey dumbass, you ate a burrito for lunch.")

Oh, well. It was a 3 burrito day, and I wonder why I'm slow at my cyclocross races.

Happy Birthday!!!

I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to the occasional Leave The Fan On reader, Elaine!!!
Your present is sitting on my coffee table, which was once your coffee table (a very common trait among my furniture.)

Here is a little Birthday Poem Just for You!!!

I once knew a girl named Elaine,
Who none of the boys could tame.
She then met brother,
and dated no other.
Now, they have Andrew to drive them insane.

Happy Birthday, What What!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Really only 2 weeks left?

Going over to BikeReg, I check out what the rest of the cyclocross season has instore for me.

Wouldn't you know it, I only have 2 weeks of racing left!! Since I don't really like driving more than 2 hours (one way) for any particular race, I have this weekend's races in New Hope, PA and then PA State Championships the next weekend (This involves a two hour drive to Carslile, PA, but I think it is probably worth it.) That would be the end of my season. :(

The MAC Series Championship is held in Reston, VA. I have trouble justifying driving all they way down there for a cross race. Although I would love to halucinate that I could jump into Nationals, I think we all know better.

I actually am a little depressed writting about the end of cross season. I had an incredible time doing the races and won't know what to do with my weekends when they end.

Baby Stuff?

So, I went shopping for a baby gift Saturday afternoon. Standing in the Macy's baby deptartment a woman must have mistaken my disheveled, "I partied way too hard Friday to be here Saturday" look for the "I have no clue what I am doing" look.

She approaches me and asks me if I need help. I reply that I have had some pretty good experience with purchasing baby clothes but thanks. Later we are looking at the same rack of clothes, and I ask her . . .

"Are baby clothes like "I have enough baby clothes and I don't need anymore, or is it, 'I can never have enough baby clothes'?"

She replies asking how old the baby is ? . . . . I tell her ~3.5 months. To which she says, "Never enough baby clothes."

I made my gift decisions accordingly.

As for what went on Friday, lets just say "The Band" got back together. We don't play insturments but we definitely having the drinking and smoking part down.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Indoor Rock Climbing

Yeah, fall is upon us. So it is time to head back indoors and climb it up!

I bouldered for an hour today. Just enough to remind my hands of what a blister is and what callouses are for. I am nowhere near god's gift to rock climbing maybe it is time to take another lesson.

If you are from around the Philly area and want to learn how to climb, check out the Philadelphia Rock Gym. The staff is super friendly and their climbing wall rocks!!

12 Reasons to love Cyclocross

Since I'm not racing this weekend, I write a slightly less poetic version of a love sonet to cyclocross . . .

1) The Chaotic Start. Since a cross race lasts only one hour to 40 minutes, having a good start takes a whole new level of importance. The gun goes off and chaos insues. Most races start on pavement and turn onto grass, and then proceed to a very narrow turn at high speeds. Fun stuff.

2) Off Camber Turns. Being the Cat 5 squirrel, off camber turns add a bit of excitement that I think the more skilled cross rider misses.

3) Falling over endlessly. So this doesn't happen that much anymore. But I must have fallen about half a dozen times at Garnouge this year. The "s" turn on the down hill owned me. I think that race really taught me how to takes lines though, because I stuck around for the pro races. Just watching those guys seemingly "yawn" through the course was a lot of fun.

4) Witenssing live carnage on the course! Since the race is so chaotic, there tends to be a good amount of carnage on the first few laps. Riders flying over handle bars!! Riders eating sand!! All while you try to stay up right. One rider finished Beacon with a set of broken handler bars.

5) The feeling that my lungs are about to jump out of my body. It always happens on the second lap. My lungs explode! It is hard to explain. For the entire second lap, I'm usually so cooked that my lungs ache and I feel a burning in my chest. By the 3rd lap, I'm back to normal. (Maybe I'm just horribly out of shape.)

6) A good excuse to get up at 6:30 am on a Saturday. And if your race is on Sunday, you don't feel bad falling asleep on the couch Sunday afternoon.

7) "Hold your line!!!" The screams from other riders on the course. Now I freely admit not to being the best cross racer. But if you are racing the "C" race, I wouldn't come in with expectations that anyone is gonna hold their line. If it really means that much to you, you should probably quit sandbaggin in the C race or get a quick start and show us which line to follow.

8) Sandbaggin. ( I haven't seen that many sandbaggers this year but I'm too far in the rear to notice.)

9) The Mabsbs email list. If you want to read non-stop cross talk and non-cross talk then you should really join this list. You can easly kill half an hour of your day keeping up with this list.
Another great cross site . . . . is the video podcast CrossTalk.

10) Cross practice. A gathering of 12 like minded cross riders on a Wednesday afternoon, they teach you how to properly dismount, and carry your bike. I can't think of a better way to get muddy on a weekday.

11) The People! Cross riders kick ass. They are very easy going and are there to have a good time. My fellow cross riders make the race very enjoyable. I look forward to every race because of you.

and finally the beer! Drinking in the beer tent at the Wissahikon Cross with all the other riders, enjoying some quality cross racing was a great time.

So there you have it 12 reason, Cyclocross kicks ass. Now grab your bike and go ride!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The water polo team warms up with a game of sharks and minows.

Two a Days!!

So, tomorrow it begins!!!

My boy, Ravi, laid down the twice a day blogging challenge for the next 30 days. I told him I would be up for it. That means I will have 60 new blogs for the next 30 days. ( I thought I would do the math for people not so good at it. ) What am I going to blog about? That is a very good question. I have decided to most blog about cyclocross and all things that involve my pathetic attempt to be a cyclist. So stay tuned kids and see how the challenge turns out . . . .

Friday, November 10, 2006

Through the rain a light of hope!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Workin on my man boobs!

In other words, I've been doing pushups.

What am I getting fit for? I really have no idea. I have two definite goals for Summer 07. One is to join a local cycling club and compete regularly. The other is to do the Chesapeake Bay Swim, a 4.4 mile swim across the Chesapeake Bay Swim.

My sub-goal is to not get a speeding ticket driving to the Chesapeake Bay Swim. :)

Another sub-goal maybe to do the Chesapeake Man Ironman Distance Triathlon!!!! Thats right kids, a return to the sport that started it all!

We'll see. As Joel Friel says, "Talk is cheap."

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Poem

I once had a brother named Dave,
who would never remember to bathe.
He grew such a funk,
that with ladies he stunk,
and has not had a date in days.

(There was an altertanate ending to this poem, but I just didn't have the heart to publish it.)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Pics

Well, apparently my presence scares away the rest of the Big Wheel Biker Gang, cause it was only myself and Johnny D out for Halloween. Johnny D dressed up as Batman, and I was "that 70's guy"

Quotoe of the night, "There is a mask on a horse!"

Photo Album here

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


who knew Halloween after college could be so fuN?!!?!

Pics might follow but they might not.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween Kids!!!

Happy Halloween Kids,

I'm not a big Halloween guy. Some people are and it frightens me when people get a little too into Halloween. What am I getting dressed up as? I wear my costume every weekend. I put on lots of lycra and pretend to be a cyclist!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Early Halloween

I just ate 3 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with a glass of milk. Then I decide to eat 2 more with another glass of milk.

And here is a link. I think this person cares too much about candy, but who am i to judge?

Whats on deck?

Well, I did another Cyclocross race this weekend. It was the Beacon Cross Race in Bridgeton NJ. It is famous for an Amphitheatre of Pain and a Beach Run. Outside of those 2 sections, it is a very fast race. Nothing else too technical minus 2 slightly sketchy descents. On one of these descents a racer flew right over the handle bars!!!! How did my race go you ask?

Well, my start was absolute shit!!! I was stuck behind some kid in highschool and a fatty from the men C class. After eventually getting around them, I was working my way through the field and having a great race. Then my chain dropped. :( Half a dozen people pass me as a I fix my chain. The next two laps are spent me passing everyone I was ahead of. I passed about half a dozen riders on the last lap, which is always nice. Despite "the suck", It was still my best race of the season by far.

I have a few pics of the amphitheatre of pain and the beach. I'll post em in a few days.

I nearly forgot one of the best parts of the race. I'm putting my bike back in the hot rod. Chatting with a few Human Zoom riders when one of them turns to me and says, "Did I hear you needed a beer?" Who am I to refuse a beer? He reaches into his pocket pulls out a can of PBR for me!!! I chat with them for a little while longer and enjoy my refreshing beer. It was especially nice since I had no post race recovery drink with me. Cross racers kick ass!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Set Higher Standards

One of my favorite blogs . . .

A good friend of mine has a blog that is much more kick ass than anything ever written here at Leave the Fan On. He writes about personal development with a very unique perspective and really shares quite a bit about himself and his experiences. I really suggest you check out his blog and read it on a regular basis.

Set Higher Standards

THe barriers


Monday, October 23, 2006

The Verge MAC Series has begun!!!

Crossed it up this weekend. Finished middle rear in both races.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A confession

the picture that you saw 2 posts ago . . . . well, i didn't take it. :(

It was taken by my sister with her camera phone of all things. She took it from the island of Kaui in Haiwai. It is right around the Nepali Coastline region of the island.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

What do you do when your favorite cyclist goes to one of your least favorite teams? . . .

What do you do?

Friday, October 06, 2006

the water is rather warm!

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Thong Song . . .

Dumps like a truck, truck, truck
Thighs like what, what, what?
Baby move your butt, butt, butt
all night long
Let me see that thong!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

In . . .

my mild drunken haze, I left a message on everyone of my myspace friend's pages. It didn't really take that long. Although doing that completely sober wouldn't be cool.

Someday . . .

and I'm not gonna say which,

I'm gonna forward every text message I receive for a 24 hour period to this blog. I might be funny. It might be lame.


A friend of mine just called me, he is trashed on 4 tequilla sours and a beer. Or so his text messaged called me. My question is what kind of man drinks tequilla sours?

Unified Equation

Supposedly there one equation that will explain the entire universe. I'm not sure what kind of equation it is but I'm pretty sure it ain't something like y=mx+b.

Although maybe it is? Maybe the whole universe can be simplified to one single straight line in a two dimensional universe. How absolutely absurd would that be? Do you think the scientist that discovers this will lose his mind? After years exlporing higher level mathematics, you realized that the math you learned in grade school holds all the information that is needed to explain how the universe works.

But wouldn't that a beautiful and elegant solution to the universe. Y=mx+b. Or maybe even something as simple as a nice differential equation. It would be great to graph it.

Imagine if you could graph it and point to a specific point on the line, or curve or area and say, you see the slope of this region. Thats the human race .. . . . this where we fit into the universe.

If we solved the equation would the universe cease to exist? Would everything just disapear to a single point. The entire universe collapsing into a single point of no dimension.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Do you feel that?

First cross race of the season is almost here. . . .

I'm preparing for the pride stealling domination that cross season brings upon me.

Monday, September 25, 2006


This last Saturday I "competed" in the Lock Haven Megatransect, a 24.9 mile trail run through Bald Eagle State Park. I finished in 5 hours and 17 minutes. My goal was 5 hours, but I will take the extra 17 minutes. The course was a lot harder than last year. You can view the course with this link here. Here is how the race went . . .

The race starts at 7am. It was almost raining (just very humid) and cloudy which meant it would be a fairly cool day for the race. Great running weather. I swallow 2 power bars on the drive to the race. My friend, Johnny D, and I get to the race with just enough time to pick up the race packets and give a quick stretch before the race is started.

The first section is simple enough. A few miles of road until, we get to make the vicious right hand turn that goes straight up the first mountain ridge. Johnny D and I cruise the road at a nice simple pace. ( around ~9 minute talking pace) We joke around with some of the other competitors. Everyone is in a really good mood. The road slowly turns up hill, some of the runners already start walking. (They know there is a long day ahead.)

The first climb is straight up two thirds of the mountain followed by a diagonal section that goes across it and then to a boulder field that takes us over the mountain. I start climbing. I walk up the hill at good pace, when I finally get to the top I reward myself with a energy gel and keep on "running". Next stop the boulder field.

The boulder field had to be one of the most intimidating parts of the run. It was cloudy so you could not see where it stopped and the boulders required some finess to get over at times. I'm half way through the field and I realize that I am sweating like I have never sweated before. I am drenched. Keep in my this is only one hour into the hike. I lick my lips. They tasted salty. (Images of Ravi at the end of Ironman CDA flashed through my mind.) I reach the top of the first mountain ridge and reward myself with the another energy gel.

What follows is a very rocky and mostly flat or descending trail section that smooths out as it gets to the bottom of the mountain. Lucky for me, at the very first aid station I picked up 3 gels and a pack of salt tablets. Right after the first aid station, I take 2 advil, and 2 salt tablets and a energy gel.

Eventually I reach what mentally feels like the half way mark, a feeding station in a place called Zindell park. It is really only 10 miles into the hike. It is also the lowest elevation of the course. I get a refill of my camel back and take 3 energy gels. I get to running and who I did see less than a quarter mile behind me, Johnny D!!!! He tries to trip as I run past him.

What follows is 6 miles of steady up hill running with a section of very steep trail in the middle. I knew that if I wanted my goal of 5 hours , I had to tear this section up. Well, that is what I did. I pushed myself through the section. Taking gels as I needed, taking salt tablets as needed. I reach the top of that section, and I am no longer happy. I realize I'm out of gels!!!! The classic rookie mistake. I try to turn it into something positive. At least I don't need to worry about eating while running untill the next aid station. The next aid station felt like it was never going to arrive. I just kept trying to push the pace. Alot of the people I passed were walking. I would say my pace was a very steady jog.

Finally an aid station, I grab 3 gel packs. Someone tells me the next aid station is 3 miles away before the last epic climb over the mountain ridge that started the race. I decide it will be a good idea to 3 gels over this section, to have enough energy to make over the mountain without stopping.

Somehow in this section, I run what feels like 8 minute pace while ingesting 3 more gell packs and 2 more salt tablets. I get to the next aid station. I am slightly delerious but pumped to be almost done. I feel alot better than last year and I know that once I get over this mountain the end is only a few miles away. I grab 3 more gel packs and start climbing!!!

The last mountain trail is so steep in the beginning it requires a rope to climb and really the rest of it is not much less steep. The sun starts coming out of the clouds. I'm sweating and my calfs start cramping. People start passing me. I'm getting worried. I finally reach the top and reward myself with another gel and look over the town of Lock Haven.

The last ~5 miles are steep decent of the mountain followed by the paved section that started the race. I try to go down the mountain as fast as possible, but I am way too tall and uncoordinated to dive bomb a rocky trail that steep. Some fellow runners show me how it is done as they fly past me. I keep my pace up and make it to the paved section, I decide to eat another gel. It is no time to slow down. I've got a goal in mind.

I jog as fast as I can. I even catch the runners who dive bombed the downhill. Lucky for me, the running had an added benefit. Train tracks cross the course. As I crossed the train tracks, a freight train was about to block the runners from crossing. I was the last runner to make it through. That saved me about 4 minutes and to stop running would not have been enjoyable at that point.

I cross the finish line grimacing through a lot of pain. I had finished at 5 hours and 17 minutes. It was a long painful day, but alot of fun. I can't explain how that last sentence makes any sense, but to me it does. What followed after the race was some of the worst stomach pains I had ever experienced for about 3 hours. I couldn't eat, nor did I really want to.

Johnny D crossed the finish line and headed straight to the food. He ate 2 slices of pizza and a hot dog before I finished my first soda. That man must have an iron stomach. Well that was the megatransect. It was fun. It was painful and I look forward to doing it next year!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

why am i still coughing?

I have a 24 miler in 4/5 days.

Well kids, you wanted an update so here you go . . . a few cyclocross videos courtesy of youTube

and one more for good measure

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yo yo

So you are stuck at home with no real human interaction huh? And you stumble over to my blog to see if I posted anything. Low and behold I have, but then I realized I was late for work. So this is all I got out . . . . sorry :(

do me a favor . . . plan my vacation for me

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

28th trip around how about another one.

28th trip around the sun is completed! Thats right kids, two more years and i am legally dead! Ok, maybe not.

If you are interested in partying with Uncle Charles, there should be a small gathering in West Chester on Thursday. Hoping to get some good beers at Spences!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Apologises

Just when you need me to update the blog the most, I leave it to sit still for over a week. Typical male behavior. If it is any consolation my bills haven't been paid yet either.

Now for the mental image, I'm sitting in my purple underwear and sipping my cup of coffee while posting this blog. What type of purple underwear I hear you asking? why none other than American Apparel Underwear.

have a good day kids, Daddy has to go to work.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

7.99 for a song and thanks for the memories . . .

I ran my sub 20 minute 5k yesterday!!!! YEAH!!!!
my official time was 19:59.1. Thats right kids, i barely made it. There were some tense moments near the finish.

So i just bought Soundgarden's 1996 release, Down on the Upside for 7.99 off of itunes for really just one song. On it there is a song called, "Blow up the Outside world" that reminds me of my senior year of high school.

See, I moved my senior year of high school, and i wasn't exactly pleased about it. Well, I would wake up really early in the morning to get to school. I think my first class started at 7:20 am and it was always dark out cause it was Northern Mass. I would have my alarm set to radio so I could listen to music as I try to get up. I specifically remember on multiple occasions waking to the open line of this song while I still lie in bed. Which has Chris Cornell (the lead singer of Soundgarden) whispering "Nothing seems to kill me, no matter how hard I try" I always thought that was a great song to start my day back then. Somedays, I still think it is.

All right time to get ready for Fantasy Football Draft!!! Enough sad memories.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hard at work

Nothing loosens the bowels like a the lastest edition of GQ Magazine!!!!
Yes, I did buy these during the same trip to the Superfresh. If you want proof, I'll save the receipt!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not feeling it.

Or attempting to change state

Friday, August 11, 2006


Maybe the you live a suburban hell comment was a little much?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How big a dork am I? (here is your answer)

So. I've been doing the west chester cross country series. (a 5k every other Tuesday) It is a fairly tough course. Lots of uphills, Some turns, almost zero pavement. I usually do it up with my boy Matteis, as we battle it out for 5k supremacy. I am sure there are some previous posts with me bragging. Well, for some very important reasons, he couldn't make it out to today's race, so I'm there with a guest.

My time at this 5k had hit a plateau. 20:51. I just couldn't get any faster for some reason. Well, my goal has been to run a sub 20 minute 5k on this course. I figure that would be good for me. Today was the second to last race of the series, so what was the plan . . . Today I run a 20:30 5k and next race, I go for the goal with a 20 minute 5k.

So how big a dork am I? I'm sitting at work doing the math in my head of how fast the mile splits for a 20:30 5k would need to be. It ain't pretty. I figure there is no way. What do I do? I take my pen and write 20:30 on my left wrist such that I can read it when I am running. I am that big a dork.

I get to the 5k and I'm ready to rock. The gun goes off. I'm doing a faster first mile than I had ever done at this race. But I knew what I was there to do. I'm staying focused, looking at my wrist occasionally to help me. The last 1/2 mile of the course is a brutal uphill followed by a false flat all the way to the finish. Not fun.

I come up to the finish, and a girl is standing in front of the clock!!! I see 20:?4 from a distance. I can't read the 3rd digit. I'm sprinting it in, and as I finally get that 3rd digit in view I see the clock now read 20:12. My final time was 20:15.

I may be a big dork with a 20:30 written on my wrist, but I just proved to myself that a sub 20 minute 5k is within reach for the last race of the season. Watch out kids, it is gonna happen!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

On the job advice . . .

"Put the poon back in spoon"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meet my two good friends . . . .

Today, I would like to introduce my loyal readers to two of my very good friends. Like any pair of friends in life, they represent a duality.

Lets start with my first friend. These bad boys right here. My pair of Asics 2110 running shoes. I would not be caught dead running in any other than asics. They are comparable to the friend that goes out drinking with you and convinces you to stay out till 3 in the morning doing every kind of shot under the sun.

"Forget about the shot of 1800 you just had, I just ordered us some shots of Jager!", "Why don't you have another Red Bull and Stolli, you look a little tired!" would be flying right out of his mouth at midnight with 2 solid hours of drinking ahead of us.

He would put his arm around the girls walking by me and say things like, "Be careful of this guy right here, because he is dangerous!", as he points at you.

The rules don't apply to him. He dishes out the pain, but when it is time to suffer the consequences he is nowhere to be found. He disappears into the night with a fly young philly, only to call you the next night to see if you are up for doing it all over again. He knows no pain, only pleasure.

Then there is my other friend. My super comfortable, extra long, extra cushy, sofa and ottoman combo. (Only the sofa is pictured; the ottoman is a little shy.)

He is the type of friend that will hand me the water when I come home from that long night of drinking and just shake his head at me. As I head to the bathroom to puke my guts out, he comes in to make sure I don't fall asleep on the bathroom floor when I am done. (Where were you in the Summer of '99 Sofa?)

He doesn't understand why I feel it neccesary to hangout with that crazy pair of 2110 Ascis but he never says anything bad to me about it. Deep inside he knows it is something that I need to do, and that without the Asics as my friend, our relationship would be meaningless. He is my support team through all the rough times, and always give me someone to lean when I can't carry myself anymore.

These two friends have added a great amount of meaning and support in my life. In a few months, I will introduce to another great duality amongst my friends, the Bianchi Axis Cyclocross Bike and the queen size bed. Another great pair of friends.