Friday, November 17, 2006

An Honest Assessment . . . .

So, I'm one day away from a full weekend of racing. It is time to look into the mirror and be honest about where my fitness lies. To do this, let me draw an analogy to one of my favorite cyclists.

Anyone remember the news about Jan Ulrich before the 2004 Tour de France? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Well, the big news was how much weight Jan Ulrich gained in the off season. Supposedly he was horribly out of shape. He was somewhere around 14 kilograms overweight!!! In fact, people were posting pictures of him riding the bike with captions like "who ate all the cake? Jan did." It wasn't very pretty. Althought he still finished fourth, so all you Ulrich haters better respect.

So, I'm much like Jan before the 2004 Tour. I ate all cake. In fact my cross bike still needs to be cleaned and put together before the weekend. I haven't riddent that bike in well over a week. I am going to accordingly manage my expectations. Success will involve not falling over, and possibly imporving my technique on Sunday. Anything else is just gravy. (Hmmm, gravy, turkey, stuffing, TURKEY) sorry, i got a little lost thinking about Turkey day.

Hopefully, these races go well. Stay tuned for a full race report possible Saturday afternoon.

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