Monday, November 20, 2006

Who did this?

Who put oatmeal in my stout? I didn't ask for oatmeal in my stout, and I really would perfer it not be there!!!

Ahh, the beauty of a shortened work week. Wednesday is the new Friday people, I suggest you prepare accordingly.

All right enough B.S. Lets talk Turkey. In honor of Thanksgiving coming up and I know that my loyal yet finicky readership tends to disapear on the weekends. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Low stress. None of the present buying that comes with "Chrismahannakwanza". You show up at your relative's place with a strong appetite, and they deliver with some kick ass food. You get drunk off eating too much (some of you may get drunk off just drinking), and then you just make of fun each other for the next few hours. Good times in my book.

In my house, the turkey has become a science. If the kitchen were a lecture hall my father would be the professor. Or perhaps he is the Collin Powell of the kitchen, using overwhelming force to pound the turkey into submission. Either way, his turkies always kick ass.

What kind of sides do we have? Mashed Potatoes. Duh. Stuffing. No Doubt! Cranberry Sauce. You know it!!! Salad. Anything for digestion. Creamed Onions? ( wait one second? )

I don't who in my family is directly responsible for these nasty things ending up on my Thanksgiving table, but they owe me one giant apology. Creamed Onions are just gross man. For those you, who don't know what I maybe talking about I will describe it. Take some onions cook them in a pot with thick cream sauce. Like a cream soup but much more milky. I didn't really do the description justice, but trust me they are heinous. If I am ever in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, they will be stricken from the menu. Replaced with a nice bottle of Chimay!!!

Then we have desserts. Thats right kids, you did leave room for a peice of pumpkin pie or blueberry pie. Thats right, we let you choose. Don't be afraid to ask for peice pumpkin even after the first 3 people asked for pumpkin. There is only one Thanksgiving, and you know that blueberry pie will be back on the dessert plate the next night. And make sure you specify if you want regular or decaff coffee. After eating as much food as I do, you know I need a little caffine to keep my energy going.

One of my other favorite Thanksgiving pastimes is to walk around the house singing Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving song over and over again. How can you not enjoy that song?

Well, have a good Thanksgiving kids!!! Be sure to stay on top of the news here at Leave the Fan On. A pre-race report will be coming up tomorrow or wednesday for the PA state cycloross race.

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ravinator said...

I am newly vegan (again). going to a friend's place for turkey-day not quite sure how to tell here...I don't eat dairy!

double-helping of cranberry sauce yo! yes....I'll be the one with the monster salad