Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dating. (yes, i'm blogging about Dating)

Preface: I received a complaint from one of my loyal blog readers, Bubba, that my blog has recently dealt way too much with physical activity. So, I allowed him to choose the subject of tonight's blog . . . . Dating. Obviously, my experiences with dating don't have much to do with physical activity so he should be quite happy. Without further ado, I present you my dating blog.

What can I say about blogging that hasn't already been said? Not much.

Postface: Bubba also wanted me to relate a story to you about how I once got crabs and had to burn them off. It was a painful experience but I'm a better man for it.

What Bubba doesn't tell you is he got crabs from the same prostitute 3 weeks later.


Ravi said...

will this be new feature be like loveline?

Charles said...

No, this was hopefully a one time posting. Although I like the idea of people sending in topics and I write about them. If you want, send me a topic and I'll write a blog about it. I'll even try to take it more seriously than this post.

Ravi said...

how about pre-race nutrition for cross racing? given that you pretty much expect to go end-over-end in you even bother eating?

Charles said...

All right, one of Friday's blogs is pre-race nutrition for cross.