Thursday, November 09, 2006

Workin on my man boobs!

In other words, I've been doing pushups.

What am I getting fit for? I really have no idea. I have two definite goals for Summer 07. One is to join a local cycling club and compete regularly. The other is to do the Chesapeake Bay Swim, a 4.4 mile swim across the Chesapeake Bay Swim.

My sub-goal is to not get a speeding ticket driving to the Chesapeake Bay Swim. :)

Another sub-goal maybe to do the Chesapeake Man Ironman Distance Triathlon!!!! Thats right kids, a return to the sport that started it all!

We'll see. As Joel Friel says, "Talk is cheap."


Ravi said...

hey dude, wanna have a push up challenge? Like a 12 weeks challenge? See who can do the most non-stop?'ll be fun!

just think how much fun we had the last time we all did a "challenge" (i.e. the deathmarch known as ironman couer de lene!).

Ravi said...

oh yeah...we can get beaugard invovled too...and maybe even kyle and ben....there is no excuse for not joining's not like doing push ups takes a lot of time...

Charles said...


I would so be up for a little 12 week challenge! I mentioned it to Matt. He wasn't to sure about it. What would the "challenge" be?

Lets get this started!