Monday, November 20, 2006

Some body get me some advil?

Yo yo!!!! I bet you thought this post wasn't going to arrive. (Bubba, I know you were worried.)

Well, I am more than a little sore after this weekend of racing. There is even a nice little bruise on my back from bike pedal hitting me while running. Normally you don't run with the bike that much, so it ain't that big a deal. Next weekend State Championships and then I sit back reflect on the season.

What is the next competition for me to make an ass out myself? Well, I hope to start regularly bouldering at the rock climbing wall, and I plan on doing the cross Cheasapeake Swim next summer. Which means I need to get my fat ass into a pool about 4 times a week. My big mouth has been writting checks it can't cash about that swim.

Since the weather will turn to suck for a while, I am going to probably try to fix my place up a little. I already hear the laughing. Those in the know, know that my condo has been a never ending construction zone for the last 2 years. Who knows maybe this is the few months I fix it all up. For those who don't know, here is the list of things that are not right in my condo.

  • The kitchen sink is broke
  • The wall paper/paint is partially removed from the kitchen
  • The living room and dining room only have primer on them.
  • the hand rail for the stairs is gone.
  • the carpet needs to steam cleaned or replaced
  • hallway only has primer on it
  • 2nd bedroom has whole in wall. (that damn kangaroo!)
  • Bedroom should be painted and wall paper trim should go.
  • Master bathroom has wall paper removed, and has no mirror nor cabinet.
Yeah, I know you are woefully shaking your head. What can I do?, these things happen. Especially when a kangaroo chews a whole in your wall.

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