Friday, November 24, 2006

Keeping up "The Big Mo!!!"

In these transitional moments, is when I can get in danger of losing "The Big Mo!"

What is "The Big Mo?", momentum!!! Cyclocross season is over for me, with the exception going and watching nationals, and cyclocross worlds. But I still need to maintain my fitness, and keep up the staying fit momentum. If I spend too many days not working out, I'll just get lazy and it will be really hard to get going again.

So what is the next big fitness challenge? The 4.4 mile swim across the Chessapeake is really the next biggest challenge. I have not regularly swam in over a year. So it is going to take some time, to get my form back together and then to build my swim fitness. The most important training is going to take place the next few weeks. Rebuilding my form so that my swim stroke is efficient and quick will help me get through the 4.4 mile swim much quicker. I should probably look up some drills on proper swim form and hip rotation. Fun Stuff. I can't wait to smell like chlorine all winter!!!


ravinator said...

how cold is the chesapeak? I did a swim across puget sound and froze to death...well not literally since I am still here typing this...but I felt like I was a swimming corpse...not pretty, but I made it. Me and 51 degree water dont mix.

Charles said...

I don't think it is anywhere near that cold. I was cold when we did Ironman CDA, so if the water is that cold I just won't do it.

I think the biggest obstacle is the current at one point of the swim is very strong. They have switched up the start times to better work with the current. I still think around 15% of the swimmers don't finish.

A Concerned Citizen said...

What percentage of the swimmers finish within 10 minutes of their travel companions?