Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My hibernation period has started. Getting fat is gonna be fun. But don't think that I'm getting fat without a purpose. Oh no. I've rationalized this hibernation. I figure a little physical and mental rest will do my training some good. Think of it as starting with a blank canvas. I need to be a large block of stone that Michealangelo will turn into "The David".

If I'm not working out what will I be doing? Chillin, Livin, whateva. I'm still gonna rock climb, just because I enjoy it and it doesn't really stress me out. I stink at it way too much for me to be concerned with the result. I'll be in Florida for a week, so that will take up a big chunck of my hibernation! If you want party with the Leave The Fan On auther, now is certainly a good time to do it. I may hop in the pool before hibernation ends, but I view hibernation mainly as a break from cycling. Considering I haven't swam in almost a year, I have no need to take a break from that.

When does this hibernation end? I have that scheduled for Dec. 18th. Then I will begin base training for what I hope to be a succesful cycling season. Followed by a return to an Ironman triathlon. I already feel the pain train.

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