Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cycling Trainers

I am about to purchase a new cycling trainer. I am choosing between the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer and the 1 up USA bicycle trainer. Do beleive Consumer Reports has info on cycling trainers? No shit. Unfortunately, I am not about to pay for their precious little report. I've got you people!!!

I see alot people rocking the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer at races. So obviously it must be a trusted trainer, but my boy Matt rocks the 1 Up USA trainer. He likes it and it seems very reliable. His recomendation means just as much as the horde of people using the CycleOps Trainer.

One big thing the 1 Up USA bicycle trainer has going for it is that is made in the USA as the name would imply. I have read the propoganda from the 1 Up Usa web site. Now the CycleOps webiste is definitely more professional. There is even PhD guy telling me that I will be more competitive through using this trainer. ( I would like to belevie the competitiveness has more to with spirit than with science. Although science always helps. To strengthen my arguement please watch Rocky 4, but I digress.)

I'm sure either trainer would be fine, and I am more torn now having written this. So if you have experience with either trainer let me know. I'ld like to order one this week.

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Ravinator said...

i have the cyclops trainer. it works fine. pretty quiet and resistance is good. It is well-built. Cyclops is a well known brand and it will surely serve you well for many many miles of pain and suffering.

If matt is vouching for the other brand....than I would just go for the cheaper one ;)