Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Burritoes on the brain

I really need to start watching what I eat. (Where did that phrase come from, cause I don't eat with my eye's closed.)

For lunch today, I decided to eat a burrito at BajaFresh. I have a profound love for BajaFresh. and their Burrito Mexicano. It has no dairy products. Which makes it excellent in my book.

Anyways, I decide to go Trader Joe's to get some food. I buy a package of microwavable burritoes among other things. I built up a monster hunger waiting in line, cause right when I got home I threw those bad boys in the microwave. Only minutes later, did I ask myself, "what did I have for lunch today?" (the answer: "Hey dumbass, you ate a burrito for lunch.")

Oh, well. It was a 3 burrito day, and I wonder why I'm slow at my cyclocross races.

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