Thursday, November 16, 2006

Morning is a time for peace

A lot people I know get up in the morning and rush out the door in half of an hour. I have done that and I can still do it, but I would rather not. My mornings need to be a time of peace and quiet. A little reflection on the day that lays before me, and a little reminissing on the night I just left. I can easily spend 3 hours drinking coffee, reading, and just relaxing into my mornings.

Some people might think I am lazy because of this. They maybe right, but I perfer to think of it as pacing myself.

One of my favorite possesions is a white terry cloth robe. Everyone should have one. You put it on and all of the sudden it becomes an impossiblity to rush out the door. You enter the tranquil state of chillin. You're not rushin, you're chillin.

So take a day to chill in the mornings. Granted weekends are easier than weekdays, but weekdays feel so much better. As you see everyone rush around the parking lot, you can sip your coffee and woefully shake your head. These people have yet to learn the beauty of chilling in the morning.


Ravi said...

does it still count as "chillin" when u r still wearin your terrycloth robe at 3 in the afternoon?

Charles said...

damn straight, and it still counts as morning!