Friday, July 28, 2006

Work Porn!

Does this do anything for you?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My mind is my mind.

How is my mind, my mind? I am currently on a week long ban from watching television. No boob tube for Charles. It is actually going a lot easier than I thought. Although I wouldn't say I am neccesarily more productive.

I would make an exception if something significant happened in the outside world, and I absolutely had to watch the news.

I know I'm lame, but that is all I got for now.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm a tired bear

45 miles in the saddle today! Thats right kids, I'm a born again cyclist. I went out on the cyclocross bike because I am lazy and haven't changed the tires on my road bike. Someone please do me a favor and yell at me to do that cause I'm tired of riding on knobby tires.

For those in the know, I rode to Green Lane on the Perkiomun trail. It was fun but that 422 bridge scares me. Someday someone's fall through that thing.

Anywayz, near the end of the ride, I'm feeling fairly delirious. I role up next to some Mtn biker, and we just start chatting. It was the weirdest thing cause normally cyclist don't really talk to one another, but I think we were both baked from riding most of the day. We compared rides and then said goodbye as he had to get to his car.

When I got home I made myself a couple hamburgers and rewarded myself with one of my new favorite beers, MAGIC HAT #9!!! That stuff rocks.

Did I mention I ran for an hour yesterday? Yeah so I'm tired.

Is it just me or is Entourage the greatest tv show ever?

Dudes, I almost forgot . .

David Z. is an awesome american cyclist.

thats all I got in me. . . . keep it real

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

beautiful flatulent serenade

The last update wasn't up to my usual quality. But I was really wiped out, which is the exact same condition I find myself in right now. I think someone might be mistaking me for a runner soon. I did a 5k as I mentioned in the previous post, but then today I went to the BMRC run. I did the fairly hilly 8 mile run. So I'm exhausted, but I might be a runner. (don't tell anybody.)

Another topic . . . .

So I sometimes like to joke around in my mind about asserting the ALPHA presence whenever I happen to find myself. It is a joke because I am amazingly non-ALPHA at times. Today, I took some snow pees to work for a snack. Well, this gave me a great chance to assert my ALPHA self. I sit down in the morning and start snacking away on a big pile of snow pees. (They are awesome!! Just be sure to take the zippers off before you eat them.) A few hours later, I've got gas like you wouldn't beleive and on top off that I feel a two pound duece brewing. So I head on over to the men's room to take care of some serious bussiness. Wouldn't you know it?!? The men's room is one stall short of a full house. I'm not bladder shy and I certainly ain't about to be sphincter shy when it is time to go. ( If you doubt me, read the title of the blog again. ) I sit down on the throne, and I just start letting the snow pees work their magic. It was mostly noise ( not so much smell) but it was loud enough to wake the dead. I was even getting that great echoing effect from the toilet bowl. I'm sure that my fellow men's room companions enjoyed my musical talents. I decide to time my exit from the stall at same time as my conterparts to make sure they know who gave them such a beautiful flatulent serenade. Clearly, I'm ALPHA.

Final thought of the night:

Do women at weddings get horny because it reminds them of prom?

Right now

A whole new term for pain in the legs . . . . spank-a-licious.

Because after running a 5k, in under 21 minutes in this heat, it is the only thing my mind can think.
Now, a tired bear needs to sleep.