Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm a tired bear

45 miles in the saddle today! Thats right kids, I'm a born again cyclist. I went out on the cyclocross bike because I am lazy and haven't changed the tires on my road bike. Someone please do me a favor and yell at me to do that cause I'm tired of riding on knobby tires.

For those in the know, I rode to Green Lane on the Perkiomun trail. It was fun but that 422 bridge scares me. Someday someone's fall through that thing.

Anywayz, near the end of the ride, I'm feeling fairly delirious. I role up next to some Mtn biker, and we just start chatting. It was the weirdest thing cause normally cyclist don't really talk to one another, but I think we were both baked from riding most of the day. We compared rides and then said goodbye as he had to get to his car.

When I got home I made myself a couple hamburgers and rewarded myself with one of my new favorite beers, MAGIC HAT #9!!! That stuff rocks.

Did I mention I ran for an hour yesterday? Yeah so I'm tired.

Is it just me or is Entourage the greatest tv show ever?

Dudes, I almost forgot . .

David Z. is an awesome american cyclist.

thats all I got in me. . . . keep it real

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