Wednesday, July 12, 2006

beautiful flatulent serenade

The last update wasn't up to my usual quality. But I was really wiped out, which is the exact same condition I find myself in right now. I think someone might be mistaking me for a runner soon. I did a 5k as I mentioned in the previous post, but then today I went to the BMRC run. I did the fairly hilly 8 mile run. So I'm exhausted, but I might be a runner. (don't tell anybody.)

Another topic . . . .

So I sometimes like to joke around in my mind about asserting the ALPHA presence whenever I happen to find myself. It is a joke because I am amazingly non-ALPHA at times. Today, I took some snow pees to work for a snack. Well, this gave me a great chance to assert my ALPHA self. I sit down in the morning and start snacking away on a big pile of snow pees. (They are awesome!! Just be sure to take the zippers off before you eat them.) A few hours later, I've got gas like you wouldn't beleive and on top off that I feel a two pound duece brewing. So I head on over to the men's room to take care of some serious bussiness. Wouldn't you know it?!? The men's room is one stall short of a full house. I'm not bladder shy and I certainly ain't about to be sphincter shy when it is time to go. ( If you doubt me, read the title of the blog again. ) I sit down on the throne, and I just start letting the snow pees work their magic. It was mostly noise ( not so much smell) but it was loud enough to wake the dead. I was even getting that great echoing effect from the toilet bowl. I'm sure that my fellow men's room companions enjoyed my musical talents. I decide to time my exit from the stall at same time as my conterparts to make sure they know who gave them such a beautiful flatulent serenade. Clearly, I'm ALPHA.

Final thought of the night:

Do women at weddings get horny because it reminds them of prom?

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