Monday, November 13, 2006

Really only 2 weeks left?

Going over to BikeReg, I check out what the rest of the cyclocross season has instore for me.

Wouldn't you know it, I only have 2 weeks of racing left!! Since I don't really like driving more than 2 hours (one way) for any particular race, I have this weekend's races in New Hope, PA and then PA State Championships the next weekend (This involves a two hour drive to Carslile, PA, but I think it is probably worth it.) That would be the end of my season. :(

The MAC Series Championship is held in Reston, VA. I have trouble justifying driving all they way down there for a cross race. Although I would love to halucinate that I could jump into Nationals, I think we all know better.

I actually am a little depressed writting about the end of cross season. I had an incredible time doing the races and won't know what to do with my weekends when they end.

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Anonymous said...

Stay out of VA!