Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cyclocross worlds (here i come)

Thats right kids, I'm planning a trip to see Cyclocross Worlds on January 27 and 28 in Gits, Belgium. It should be a rocking time. Belgium beers, surrounded by a bunch of people who only care about cyclocross, and watching the world championships! BooHay!

There are even a few racers from the MAC Cyclocross series that are going over, so it will be fun to see a few familar places in a foreign land.

But this is where you kids come in!! Anyone out there ever been to Belgium? What to do in Belgium once the race is over? I'm staying in Brugge for 3 nights. I've bought some books but personal accounts are always much better. If you have some suggestions let me know, even if you have only heard or read that such and such is a good time.

But the fun doesn't end there. You wouldn't think that I would just go see worlds and come back here do you?! hellz no. After Cyclocross worlds, I'm spending to 2 nights in Brussells and 3 nights in Paris. Thats right, I'm bolding going where I have never been before! With the last name of Gardiner, I figure I should go see my roots.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing in Brussells or Paris. Once again, suggestions are welcome. I would not be surprised if Belgium turned into a brewery tour. Part of me just wants to hang out and doing nothing. If that makes any sense. Go enjoy some food, talk to some people. Drink some wine. Act like it is no big deal that I am in Paris. I'm sure I'll end up staring at a few paintings when I'm in Paris.

When I figure out exactly what I might be doing I'll let you kids know.

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