Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Rock Climbing

I just got back from the Philly Rock (Climbing) Gym. Frustration was the theme of the evening there. My "suck switch" was turned on, and the dial was cranked way up. The gym was super crowded which leaves me less inspired, and I was really tired. Being out till 1 in the morning and having beers for last night's dinner probably wasn't helping. I stuck to the routes I could do and then made next no progress on the relatively harder routes. Other than progresing through harder and harder routes it is very hard to judge improvement in rock climbing. I'll be back there Sunday night.

At the risk of getting a little too serious, I'll list a few things I know would lead to some definite improvement in my rock climbing abilities.
  1. Sit ups. At times the only thing keeping you on the wall is your core strength. Hanging up side down from an overhang with nothing but your fingers and toes holding on. There is some serious core strength being demonstrated.
  2. Flexability. This is probably one of the most underated things anyone can do to improve fitness.
  3. Lessons. There are somethings that I can't learn unless someone flat out tells me. Also it is great to have someone yelling at you while your going for the next hold.
  4. Arm Strength. Forarms and Tricepts are huge in rock climbing. Popeye would have been one hell of a climber!!! I usually finish the night on the strength wall, trying to improve forearm and hand strength.
  5. Footwork! This is probably what needs the most work for myself. You can have your foot on the correct foot hold, but it will also matter how your foot is on that hold. Just placing it there will not help you get to the next handhold. Pointing your toes. Twisting your foot. Taking care to place your feet correctly definitely helps.
Only 2 of the 5 items had anything specifically to do with rock climbing. Maybe I can work on these at home a little, but first I would have to put down the beer.

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