Sunday, November 19, 2006

Evo Race Report

Well, kids after a night of drinkin' with Johnny D, I go out and have myself another mud filled cross race. The promoters managed to change the course a little to lessen the mud, but seriously it would have taken a miracle to fix the mud.

I definitely imporved on my race, but I was in a world of pain after two laps. I don't think 5 beers does much for your race shape. Oh well, a man cannot live on cycling alone.

The best part of the race itself was the start. It was a few meters then a right turn into a complete mud field. NICE!!! I managed to ride through it the first time, but it was much more efficient to run through it on the rest of the laps. Trying to find the one line that will let me ride my bike is always nice too. I'm a little less successful at that challenge.

All in all, it was great weekend of cross racing. It took me an 20 minutes to get the mud off my bike both days. One race will till I can sit back and get fat. State's next weekend!!!!

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