Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Cha Cha Changes"

This whole blog could be an editor's note:

So I'm gonna make a fully legit blog that deals with cycling, triathlon, rock climbing and whatever. But I'm also gonna keep up this blog. Why? Cause this is more of my personal blog where I keep the stupid things that come across my mind. Just call me the Gertrude Stien of blogging. . . . a blog is a blog is a blog. Honestly, I think the personal blog will be the fun blog. We'll see about how this serious blogging stuff works out. I may come running back to this blog.

In other news: I think some beers should have a symbol if they have more than 10% alcohol. This not a complaint. It is just that I would like to know when I'm cracking open a 10%+ alcohol beer. For instance after rock climbing this evening I had a beer with some chips and salsa. I grabbed a Troegg's Mad Elf. It is 11% alcohol. Not exactly what I need to be grabbing at 10:30 pm.

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