Monday, November 13, 2006

Baby Stuff?

So, I went shopping for a baby gift Saturday afternoon. Standing in the Macy's baby deptartment a woman must have mistaken my disheveled, "I partied way too hard Friday to be here Saturday" look for the "I have no clue what I am doing" look.

She approaches me and asks me if I need help. I reply that I have had some pretty good experience with purchasing baby clothes but thanks. Later we are looking at the same rack of clothes, and I ask her . . .

"Are baby clothes like "I have enough baby clothes and I don't need anymore, or is it, 'I can never have enough baby clothes'?"

She replies asking how old the baby is ? . . . . I tell her ~3.5 months. To which she says, "Never enough baby clothes."

I made my gift decisions accordingly.

As for what went on Friday, lets just say "The Band" got back together. We don't play insturments but we definitely having the drinking and smoking part down.

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