Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A very early pre-race weekend report

I just signed up for 2 races this weekend, Boohay!

Guy's Cross race on Saturday and then Evo Cross on Sunday, both in beautiful New Hope, PA. In fact, the course is the same both days, which should be interesting on Sunday because the course will be "ridden down" come Sunday. If I have trouble following lines come Sunday, there just ain't any hope for me.

You would think I that would give you some kind of description of the course here. But I got nothing. I have no info about the course other than where and that there is a creek. However that creek could make things very muddy. It is supposed to rain buckets Thursday night on top of the rain we have had all week. If water collects all over the course it could be a fun weekend of very muddy cross racing!!! How awesome would that be? (I tend to define awesome in strange ways.) I still haven't had the epic cross race where all you see are two eyes poking out from a mud covered face. (for reference) One can only hope for a super muddy course.

How is my fitness? Par for the course. I've been busy trying to plan a trip to Belgium and distracted by other things to get on my bike all too often this week. I don't expect any miracles this weekend. I'll pedal till my lungs jump out of my body and hitchhike back home. It is what I do in cross races.


Ravi said...

belgium? whats that about?

Charles said...

TWO WORDS: Cyclocross Worlds!!!!

and one more word: BEER!!!