Monday, October 30, 2006

Whats on deck?

Well, I did another Cyclocross race this weekend. It was the Beacon Cross Race in Bridgeton NJ. It is famous for an Amphitheatre of Pain and a Beach Run. Outside of those 2 sections, it is a very fast race. Nothing else too technical minus 2 slightly sketchy descents. On one of these descents a racer flew right over the handle bars!!!! How did my race go you ask?

Well, my start was absolute shit!!! I was stuck behind some kid in highschool and a fatty from the men C class. After eventually getting around them, I was working my way through the field and having a great race. Then my chain dropped. :( Half a dozen people pass me as a I fix my chain. The next two laps are spent me passing everyone I was ahead of. I passed about half a dozen riders on the last lap, which is always nice. Despite "the suck", It was still my best race of the season by far.

I have a few pics of the amphitheatre of pain and the beach. I'll post em in a few days.

I nearly forgot one of the best parts of the race. I'm putting my bike back in the hot rod. Chatting with a few Human Zoom riders when one of them turns to me and says, "Did I hear you needed a beer?" Who am I to refuse a beer? He reaches into his pocket pulls out a can of PBR for me!!! I chat with them for a little while longer and enjoy my refreshing beer. It was especially nice since I had no post race recovery drink with me. Cross racers kick ass!!!

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