Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blogging from the Philly Airport

Thats right kids!!!! I love you guys so much I risked looking like a tool bag at the airport typing away something important to get this blog post to you. Never say I don't love my readers.

What follows are some random musings . . . .

  • Why did I get to airport and through security by 8:05am for a flight that takes off at 9:55am? I guess being able to relax at the airport is nice. There certainly are plenty of ways to waste time here. I was considering grabbing a beer. I am on vacation. I got coffee and bagel instead.
  • How come all the crazy people work at the airport? Ok, this one isn't true. There are crazy people working everywhere.
  • Is this the first time I will be flying by myself? Oddly enough, it is!!! Realizing this fact last night wigged me out. I usually rely heavily on the people I travel with for things like where to go and how much time we have. This is especially true at an airport.
  • Oh crap. I just realized I forgot suncreen!!! I will need to pick some up before I go to the beach.
  • Why didn't I bring my running shoes? I nice run on the beach would do me good.
  • Not that I would go to one of those places, but I heard there is famous "adult" entertainment establishment 4 miles away from my hotel in Hollywood.
  • I also just realized I forgot to take EmergenC this morning. GRRRRR. Maybe if I travelled more I wouldn't forget such things! I see someone mixing some. I wonder if she has an extra packet that she wouldn't mind giving up for a handsome young man such as myself. If I get sick on the plane it is my own damn fault. ( I once caught a cold on a plane travelling to race an Ironman Triathlon. It made me angry. )
  • Only one more hour till my flight is supposed to take off.
  • I could take a job that involved sipping coffee, typing and reading. Add in the occasional conversation and I am there.
  • Well, I think I'm done here. Hopefully the wireless in my hotel works just as well as the Philly airport wireless. Way to go Philly on have some decent wireless in the airport. I hope your feeling my brotherly love.

Next time I post I'm in Miami.

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