Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Horseshoe Trail

The Horshoe Trail, a I explained earlier, is a trail that connects the Applichian Trail to Valley Forge Park. This afternoon I walked some more of the trail. It really isn't much of a trail. It is basically a path that at times follows roads, telephone lines or runs parallel to roads. You can usually always see someone's house or a road. It is very clearly marked by yellow dots painted on trees or telephone posts. You can read more about it here.

So why am I blogging about the trail? Because as I was walking I figured that I could probably do at least 60 miles of it during my winter vacation. I think I could hike 20 miles a day and finish at least half of it in 3 days. The average temperature would be around 30 degrees, or so I figure. So what are my obstacles?

How do I carry 3 days of water with me? I figure I would need 4 gallons of water. Some for cooking and drinking half a gallon a day. Does that seem right? I probably need to do some more research on water consumption.

How much food would I need to carry? 2 square meals and snacks. That wouldn't be that big a deal.

Cold tolerance? What if it gets really cold which is the way it should be. It was 70 degrees yesterday! what was up with that. Remember when December was cold? I figure I could sleep on my balcony for a few nights to get used to the cold weather. I might have to purchase a better sleeping bag.

Those are my 3 main concerns. The weather ain't that much of a concern. If it snows that would just make it more epic in my min. Rain would suck. I don't really like being wet and cold. Not really much fun.

Acutally my final concern is people. I don't really trust people I don't know. So camping out solo in a tent in the middle of nowhere might not be the best thing ever. The boogie man could be watching me, or more likely some local that doesn't like people using the trail. Eh, I can't really worry about that too much. If it happens, it happens. I would never carry a gun with me cause that just ain't me.

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a concerned citizen said...

nor do you own a gun - your solution.