Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Honey, Do I look fat?

Well, Hibernation is over. I must have turned 80 years old temporarily because I went to Florida twice in two weeks during my hibernation. I can see why people go down there for the winter. It is 70 degrees all the freaking time. There will probably be a post coming up about Gatorland which is the coolest theme park in all of Florida.

I am definitely a blank fitness canvas. I think I may have gotten a bit of a gut. JEEZ!!! There is absolutely no fitness left in my body. In fact coming out of this hibernation maybe more of a struggle than I had originally expected. I'm not really looking forward to swimming tomorrow, but its gotta get done. DO WORK!!! ( I am shamelessly stealling this phrase from "Rob and Big")

So what is the plan? I need a plan yo!!! I can't just go barging into the this get competively fit without some sort of plan. Hmmm. I sense a whole new blog post coming up. . . .

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