Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cyclocross Nationals

Yo yo!!! Thats right kids, Cyclocross Nationals is this weekend. I really wanted to go watch but alas I am actually flying in the opposite direction of Providence, RI this weekend. Oh well, keep your eye on cyclingnews. In fact, check out all the cycling sites. The fields are rediculously huge. One of the Master's B races has 217 racers!!! Are kidding me??? I would say the first 50 riders are racing and the rest are just riding the course.

Who says cross ain't huge? Cross it up!!!

My money is on the obvious. I think that Trebon is gonna win unless he suffers a monster mechanical although I do think it will be close. Jonathon Page has been injured (right?) , and I can only imagine the anger at which he will pedal with when he finally gets ride a bike.

As for the women, you are a fool not to put money on Katie Compton. There is reason she won race last year. Did she lose a race this year? Damned if I know, but I doubt it.

Grr, as I write this I really wish I could be there now. Oh well, I'm going to World Championships in a month and half. That will do.

Next post will probably be Tuesday night. In the meantime, finish those Christmas cards.

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