Thursday, December 07, 2006

Viva Miami!!!

This post can be filled under complete stupidity. In "playing" with my digital camera, I managed to erase all my cool South Beach pics. Doh!!!! Ahwell, just an excuse for me and the big wheel biker gang to get down there! You do know of the big wheel biker gang don't you?

Miami was awesome. It seemed like another world to me at times. I think I defintely was suffering from a little bit of culture shock when I first got there.

Last night, I met with a friend of mine and we went to a great Cuban restaurant on the Lincoln Mall, called Yuca. The food was fantastic. I had the "Frided Whole Red Snapper". It was a whole red snapper stuffed with rice, avacado, and tomatoes. After dinner, I walked around the mall, found a spot to sit and drank a few beers and people watched. It was a very chill.

Today was the classic South Beach day for which I was searching. Just laying on the beach, under the brilliant sun. No wind. Just me a towel and a beach. I even went for a swim a couple times. Booyah!!!

Much to my confusion, no one offered me a job as model for all the walking I did around South Beach. Clearly there must be something wrong!!!

I'll put some more thoughts together on Miami when I find the time.

Right now, I am at a conference for work in Hollywood FL. We are staying at the Westin Diplomat. This hotel is incredible. I could definitely enjoy myself here for more than a little while. I am off to try and convince my co-workers to get drunk with me.


Anonymous said...

I had high hopes this blog wouldn't turn in to another run-of-the-mill-what-I-ate-for-breakfast type blog. I'm saddened.

Charles said...

You're right. I'll try to step it up!

Charles said...

My excuse is I'm travelling. In Miami, I didn't feel like blogging and now I'm at a conference. No more breakfast talk!