Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Book Report

On the plane I finished reading the book, On the Ridge between Life and Death by David Roberts. The book is the author's memoir of mountaineering, and in it he asks the question, "was all the risks he took worth what he gained from mountaineering?"

The book starts out really fast with him describing the first of 3 deaths that occured while he was rock climbing. He then proceeds to describe his life including events that shaped him beyond climbing. In describing all his climbs, which include many epic trips to Alaska and completing some monsterous first ascents there, he looks over his life and how his climbing affects himself and the people around him. He goes into detailed description of climbs. He also is was a very good friend of Jon Krachauer, auther of Into Thin Air.

The greatness of this book really takes shape in the last chapter when he attempts to answer the question climbing raises. He gives other climber's answers to the question and then answers the question himself. I won't give you his conclusion, but it is a great book and I suggest you read it.

btw. Yes, I'm in miami!!!!

It was a great book.

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