Saturday, December 09, 2006

Am I "That" Guy?

Last night and over the last few days I have learned that sometimes I become "that" guy. "That" guy can mean very different things, but in this case it means the loud obnoxious guy who is the center of attention and makes fun of everybody including himself.

Co-workers have told me this week that I am "that" guy at work. Which I was pretty much aware of. I have my moments at work. I really don't think I'm all that loud at work, but I do occasionally contrast with the incredible amounts of quiet. But it is usually just some random thing I'm excited about. I'm not in a permanent state of loud.

But what took the cake for me was last night. There was a social gathering for the conference I am at and we were all mingling around talking to one another. Well, I'm talking to a co-worker of mine and some random guy from Canada. After about 20 minutes, the canadian turns to me and says, "You are everything I think of when I think of an American stereotype!" (Lets just say, I had 'warmed up' a little before the social gathering and I was two drinks a head of the curve in crowd where I should probably be two drinks behind.) Well, I didn't harass the guy too much for that statement, but does make me wonder. Am I "that" guy?

Well, loyal Leave The Fan On reader . . . am I?


Anonymous said...

dude - i'm not thinkin' that's a compliment!

Charles said...

Dude, I never said it was.