Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meet my two good friends . . . .

Today, I would like to introduce my loyal readers to two of my very good friends. Like any pair of friends in life, they represent a duality.

Lets start with my first friend. These bad boys right here. My pair of Asics 2110 running shoes. I would not be caught dead running in any other than asics. They are comparable to the friend that goes out drinking with you and convinces you to stay out till 3 in the morning doing every kind of shot under the sun.

"Forget about the shot of 1800 you just had, I just ordered us some shots of Jager!", "Why don't you have another Red Bull and Stolli, you look a little tired!" would be flying right out of his mouth at midnight with 2 solid hours of drinking ahead of us.

He would put his arm around the girls walking by me and say things like, "Be careful of this guy right here, because he is dangerous!", as he points at you.

The rules don't apply to him. He dishes out the pain, but when it is time to suffer the consequences he is nowhere to be found. He disappears into the night with a fly young philly, only to call you the next night to see if you are up for doing it all over again. He knows no pain, only pleasure.

Then there is my other friend. My super comfortable, extra long, extra cushy, sofa and ottoman combo. (Only the sofa is pictured; the ottoman is a little shy.)

He is the type of friend that will hand me the water when I come home from that long night of drinking and just shake his head at me. As I head to the bathroom to puke my guts out, he comes in to make sure I don't fall asleep on the bathroom floor when I am done. (Where were you in the Summer of '99 Sofa?)

He doesn't understand why I feel it neccesary to hangout with that crazy pair of 2110 Ascis but he never says anything bad to me about it. Deep inside he knows it is something that I need to do, and that without the Asics as my friend, our relationship would be meaningless. He is my support team through all the rough times, and always give me someone to lean when I can't carry myself anymore.

These two friends have added a great amount of meaning and support in my life. In a few months, I will introduce to another great duality amongst my friends, the Bianchi Axis Cyclocross Bike and the queen size bed. Another great pair of friends.


ravisraman said... you not know how to untie your shoelaces?

Charles said...

when i finish running for an hour and 45 minutes, I do not have the energy to untie my shoelaces!!