Thursday, September 28, 2006

Unified Equation

Supposedly there one equation that will explain the entire universe. I'm not sure what kind of equation it is but I'm pretty sure it ain't something like y=mx+b.

Although maybe it is? Maybe the whole universe can be simplified to one single straight line in a two dimensional universe. How absolutely absurd would that be? Do you think the scientist that discovers this will lose his mind? After years exlporing higher level mathematics, you realized that the math you learned in grade school holds all the information that is needed to explain how the universe works.

But wouldn't that a beautiful and elegant solution to the universe. Y=mx+b. Or maybe even something as simple as a nice differential equation. It would be great to graph it.

Imagine if you could graph it and point to a specific point on the line, or curve or area and say, you see the slope of this region. Thats the human race .. . . . this where we fit into the universe.

If we solved the equation would the universe cease to exist? Would everything just disapear to a single point. The entire universe collapsing into a single point of no dimension.


leann said...

hey dude your looken in the wrong books to answer your questions,go to the nearest book store and get your self a best seller and read answered all my questions and gave me the answer to why the heck I was here.its called the Bible.and we didn,t crawl out of the ooz or evolve from monkeys. we were created by a loving God who came down here to save our bacon when one of the good old boys he made screwed up big hang in there dude and check it out you mit just learn something.don,t let the teachers of evolution mess up your mind.darwin was a person looking for answers but looking in the wrong place.he had belivied in God but when his child died he blamed God.well God don,t kill people.he sent Jesus to save us why would he send sickness to whipe us out.the devil does that.Jesus said the thief comes to kill steal and detsroy,but I {jesus} come to give you life,and that life more you see darwin blamed the wrong one and went off to lead a whole bunch of people down the slipery slop he went don,t let darwin make a monkey out of your relatives.the answer to all of mans qeastions are in the bible.the space shuttle would never have even gotten off the ground if it hadn,t been for the bible.before all this big stuff went on they had to figure out a problem.and they couldn,t.they kept coming up with a missing day in time.well one little chrstain in the back roll said I think that is in the bible! well the big wise scientists desided they better check it out.and what do you think the little guy was right.well then later they found a half day missing and where do you think they found it?in the bible!!!well check it will not hear this in main stream schools or from some collage class.see we kicked God out of school in the 50s or 60s and things have been screwed up even since.

Charles said...

Well, please allow me to retort!!!

you know, the last thing i need is a bible thumper ruining my good beer buzz.

Maybe god was a mathemeticiain and wrote an equation that gave birth to universe or maybe the universe already existed. since math is the natural language of nature. Nature can be explained using Mathetmatics. Nothing is more natural than the Universe, and someday we maybe be able to explain the universe using an equation. God will having nothing to do with it. Expect for maybe being an outside observer.