Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wish you were here, before I even leave . . .

The real title of this blog post is Great Cycling Vacations.

In 48 hours I'll be headed on a jet plane (to Belgium) as my boy John Denver once wrote. I hope they are stocking up on beer in preparation for my arrival. I would be really upset if I managed to kick the keg.

This vacation was not 100% my idea. My boy Matteis and I have definitely shared the idea of going to Belgium and watching cycling races. Our ideal was to visit Belgium during the Spring Classics and sit in a fine Belgium bar that is along the route of one of the races. Of course leaving the bar to go cheer on the racers as they fly past. Then re-enter the bar for continued beverage drinking and to see the finish on television. Rinse, wash, and repeat for the week. It would be awesome.

So I took that idea and applied to Cyclocross. Hence, I'm going to see Cyclocross worlds. It will rock. Although, the ideal Belgium cyclocross experience would probabably be to go during the week after Christmas. There is nearly a cyclocross race everyday. It would be sweet.

This got me thinking, what are some other great cycling vacations . . . .
  • Seeing the final day of the Tour de France. Sure there would be crazy crowds but you are guaranteed to see some nice cycling action on theChamps-Elysées and you get to hang out in Paris on a summer day. You could even do it without taking too much time off work if work is something you are into.
  • I would love to see the Tour of Georgia. You don't even need to leave the country.
  • Obviously seeing any truly classic mountain stage of the Tour de France would be amazing. The Galbier, Alpe D'Heuz, Lou Arzidan.
  • I read an article about doing a cycling tour of California wine country. Riding 50 miles a day to be greeted by great wine and food at the end of each ride. I can't complain about that.
  • My ultimate cycling vacation would be to do the Tour de France, one day before the tour does the tour. I believe you need to qualify for it, but I read about cyclists riding the tour stages, a day before the tour does the tour stages. Full bike support, full food support everything. They ride as a team drafting off each other. Hotel stays. The works. That would be incredible.
Well, enough blog posting I need to research some quality brewers in Belgium.


a concerned citizen said...

what you are looking for is L'etape du tour - one stage, 2,000 riders, 8 hours of suffer.

Charles said...

I read about a more professional version that was a dozen really fit guys. Doing the whole thing.

There was a diary about it on http://www.pezcyclingnews.com