Sunday, January 14, 2007

How do you like them apples?

Wassup kids? I know what you are thinking . . . where have you been? well, sometimes, i get busy and I completely forget that my loyal readers need me. Please forgive me. If you need to we can hug it out later.

Someone has tomorrow off! an That someone is me. Are you jealous? you should be!!! Ok, enough B.S. lets get on to the post.

My training consistency is up!!! Way UP!!! and I couldn't be more happy about that. Joel Friel said that consistency is the key to gaining fitness, and I couldn't agree more. Training once a week just ain't going to pay the bills come June or July. Hopefully, DNF are 3 letters I don't see this year, but it happens.

I only took Friday off, because fitness can't be gained without some rest. Most of the cycling has been on the indoor trainer, just riding while watching the 2003 tour or perhaps a Spinerval tape. I like to end the hour plus trainer ride with a half hour on the rollers just to mix it up. Help smooth out the pedalling stroke. Make it smooth like butter. No pedalling in squares for this guy. (on a side note i will probably post about the 2003 tour in a few days.)

The icing on this cake is I rode outdoors for 3.5 hours today. It was a great ride. Nothing too crazy just a nice tempo ride. I ended up blowing up by the end of it because I ran out of sugar products to ingest while riding . I don't want to curse it but can Febuary and March be as warm as it is now. (I just cursed it.)

Well, I'm keeping this consistency up. I'll be out on my bike tomorrow. Riding easy. So what is the lesson for the day kids? Consistency. It doesn't need to be cycling but if you don't do what you do regularly you won't be improving. All right time to get some quality couch time.

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