Friday, January 19, 2007

The Repitition of Life?!?!

All right kids, I've got a Victory Storm King Stout in front of me, so I'll be ok. But I was really wondering if I was gonna survive the day. What can you do? I'll chill. But I got some issues and even though it is Friday, I'm gonna vent a little. Maybe some you can help me out with my issue . . .

Is anyone here bothered as much as I am that almost everyday is the same? Now, I don't mean to say that everyday is the exact same, but work day almost is?!?! at least it is for me anyways. I'll give you my schedule right here:

6:30 or 7 am: fight my way out of bed (easier if I know I'm working out in the morning)
9 am: Leave for work
9:30 till 6 : work
6:30: home and eating food
~7:45: at the pool swimming or on the trainer riding
10pm : back home or off the trainer and showered
Chill till i'm in bed at midnight.

I know exactly what is gonna happen before it even happens. It isn't exactly how I imagined things would be when I was younger. Althought I always thought I was gonna play in the NBA, so maybe that wasn't exactly how things turned out. Anyways, my post isn't very clear but here is my question . . . .

Is the rest of life going to be the exact same day repeated over and over for the next 35+ years, and is that ok? Cause most of the time when I think this thought, I get rather upset. (then I listen to some VanHalen or Rollins Band and I feel all better.) But the problem never goes away?

How do you all deal with this? I am being serious!!! I would love to know. Is there an NLP technique I could use to get rid of these feelings?!

All right well, it is Friday. So that means that I'm going into the Philly to get some good food and a few beers. Have good night kids!!!

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David said...

hmm, could have a kid, then every day is definitely different! trust me on this one