Friday, January 05, 2007

January's Pain is August's Gain

I don't think I take credit fo the title of this post. Anywayz on with the post.

I hoped in the pool for the first time in a long time. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I swam around 1600, and I don't feel all that sore this morning. I mostly did form work. As for the UMLY, well, the more things change the more things stay the same. I'm short on time and want to get the entertaining part of the post. . .

I have trouble resisting going out for a quick beer on a Thursday. Especially in January when it is dark all the time and racing is 3 months away. The "Gay One" (who also isn't gay) calls me to grab some beers at the Fox and Hound. I haven't seen in a while, I so figure we can't chill out and drink a few beers. Perhaps shoot some pool?

Let me paint the picture of the Fox and Hound, in case you haven't been there. It is the chain bar/restaurant with pool tables, big screen tv's and darts. It is in lovely King of Prussia PA! (nothing like that dump Narberth, see previous posts) . The clientelle are the yuppies who have their successful Pharma/IT/Banking jobs and just want a few beers on the Thursday night to get them through Friday and make it to the weekend. Everything is pretty chill.

I get there and find "The Gay One" sitting at the bar in the corner. We sit at the bar and laugh at each other for a bit. When all of the sudden we over hear some harsh laungage going on behind us. Hmmm? This seems odd for the fox and hound? We turn around and apparently some short dude and his 2 buddies are in a very heated argument with a large dude and his 3 friends. (what is with short dudes?)

The argument turns into taunting. The short dude calls the big dude a fat ass. The big dude taunts him by saying how he has bigger breasts than the short dude's mother. You would think they could come up with more original material. Anyways, we all know where this is going . . .

Meanwhile the entire bar is looking at this scene with the sense of complete disbeleif. Who gets in fight at the Fox and Hound? No one except the goof balls behind us. All of the sudden all hell breaks loose. . . . and guess who is stuck in the middle of it.

The gay one was able to sneek off to the side, but I was left helpless surrounded my nothing but flying fists. Two dudes were fighting to my left, and two other dudes were fighting to my right. All of the sudden I'm in a dukes of hazard espisode. I'm just trying to 1) perserve my pretty face and 2) perserve my beer.

Chairs start flying. Someone picked up a chair!!! Two of the dudes fight for what seems like a few minutes. I'm hugging the bar while enjoying the best seat in the house. There are no bouncers at this bar. In fact, I'm bigger than most of the hired help and I'm 6 foot 175 lbs. I'm wondering if this ever gonna end. In the mellee I grab our beers and watch with the Gay one from a safer distance. Somehow the owner comes over right around the time when the two guys left fighting were too tired to throw another punch.

Long story short, one dude loses a shirt. And the short dude and his friends are asked to leave. I have no clue what made these goof balls start fighting, but it made for a little excitement in a rather tired evening.

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