Monday, January 08, 2007

Feel the burn son!!!

Well do you feel it? Do you?

I got myself fat ass trainer! Yeah thats right kids, skinny Charles is cominig. You best be prepared. I got the cyclo-ops fluid 2 trainer. It is sturdy and produces lots of watts.

So what has training taught me thus far. I've been getting prepared for the Chesapeake Bay Swim and building a decent cycling fitness. Swim, Ride. Ride, Swim. Its all good.

Time has become very precious. The daily drive of an hour is eating up some of my workout time. Planning ahead and looking at my weekly schedule before the week has arrived definitely helps. The problem is my mentality is still stuck in college (at least somewhat). I forget that I can't get to the workout in two seconds or that I might need to plan out what my workouts might be because I don't have othe people telling me how we are going to train.

I definitely need to do a little time management to get my training done. It will give me more time for the beer.

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