Monday, January 22, 2007

Belgium, be prepared!!!

All right, anyone who read the previous post gets to punch me in the stomach as hard as they want. "Why am I bitchin?", is what people should say. I got no real reasons to complain. So I apologize for the last rant. I'll try to keep things positive here at Leave The Fan On.

I'm travelling to Belgium on Thursday night!!! I'm spending 3 nights in Brugge, 2 in Brussells, and then a little 4 night get away in Paris. I will no longer be the guy that has never travelled overseas. Man that is embarassing. Especially when you are hanging out with a bunch of foreigners. They look at you like you have some kind of strange disease. But now, I'll have an answer.

A few months ago, I made a promise to myself to travel more. My little trip to South Beach Miami, in December was part of that, and so is this trip. Moreover, I had a more specific goal of traveling somewhere for every month of the year. This was something I take seriously. I want to see outside of suburban Philly. (which is funny cause recently this area has grown on me a little. grown on me like a fungus perhaps, but grown. ) I've decided to count this trip as both January, and Febuary since I will be travelling to Paris on Febuary 1st.

What is on deck for March? I am thinking a trip to New England to go skiing. It would be nice to ski in deep powdery snow and not the ice in the Poconos. I am going to focus on Belgium and Paris first, I'll worry about March when I get home on Superbowl Sunday.

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