Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chesapeake Bay Swim!!!

Thats right kids!!! 4.4 miles of open water fun! But there is a down side, isn't there always?

The organizers question my fitness? Not just mine, they question everyone's fitness. Do you beleive that! They don't think I can swim 4.4 miles in a tiny little bay. Please. Step a side and let me show you how it is done.

In order to prove your qualifications for this event, you need to have swam 1 mile or longer at a pace of 40 minutes per mile or under in the last 2 years.


you need to complete a 3 mile pool swim in 2 hours and 15 minutes and a signed document by an official swim coach on pool letter head. This needs to be ready by January 25th, when the lottery for the Chesapeake Bay Swim starts.

Guess which one, I am going to have to do? Well, my last triathlon was Eagleman 2004! I signed up for The Columbia Triathlon in 2005 but decided I wanted to focus on cycling and didn't do it. So guess what? Looks like I'm swimming 3 continuous miles in a pool in the next 2 weeks. It ain't gonna be pretty, but it will be done in under two hours.

For those in doubt my swim time for the 1.2 mile Eagleman swim was 32:21. Looks like i'm going to the pool tomorrow morning!!! Lets get sexy!!!!

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