Thursday, March 08, 2007

Work and Working Out

How is everybody doing? Is it me or this the longest week ever? I needed two beers just to get me through Tuesday, but thats me.

I've noticed a pattern in my workouts lately. If I have a productive day at work where I feel I got somethings done and progress on whatever project I happen to be working on has been made, I can come home and do an awesome workout no problem.

On the other hand, if my day at work was incredibily frustrating the chances of me getting in a workout at all are minimal at best. For instance, yesterday I did not hop on my bike till 9pm because it took me a few hours to get work out of my system. I still managed a little badass workout for 9 pm, but still it would have been nice to get it done by 9pm. (The workout was 40 minutes in zone 2, which I figure for me is somewhere around a 160 heartrate. I finished up with some work on the rollers to make the workout a good 90 minutes.)

Years ago, I used to be really good at separating work and fitness. I would roll home from work, hop on the bike. One would not affect the other. Do I care more now about work? Do I care less about my fitness? I don't think either of those is the case. Maybe I'm just suffering from an early onset of male menopause at the old age 28.

The solution maybe as simple as working out in the morning before work. Call it a pre-emptive strike on my fitness! or perhaps I make it my mission to get home from work and know exactly what I'm doing fitness-wise. Become a man on a mission when I get home. (Early morning exercise isnt really my bag.)

Some of you maybe wondering when am I going to race, because the first races of the season are this weekend. Well good news for you kids, my first race is next weekend! more on that after the break.

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