Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Double Dip this weekend!

Whats up kids? I'm doing a double dip this weekend.

Saturday we have Kirkwood Road Race. Think of it as Strasburg part duex. Another rolling course, and this time it is a seven mile loop.

Sunday we have the Pinecone Road Race. Flat as a pancake. I've heard you use 3 different gears. 6 mile loops. That race is 40 miles!! Should be fun.

Neither race is nearly as epic as the Koppenberg.

The goal for both these races is to sit in the pack and finish in the group. I know I'm not setting the bar very high, but I want some training miles at race pace. There is no need to try to go off the front to only be shot out the back a few minutes later.

Tonight we have the most fun someone can have on 2 wheels. The Thursday night Criterium in Great Valley.

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