Thursday, March 15, 2007

Explaining the Obvious

So, the challenge was thrown down. Now I need to explain the obvious, so we can get on with blogging about cycling and how fat I am.

I was once asked what the title of this blog meant. I wish I was making that up, but it really did happen. So without further explanation here we go . .

I was sitting at my desk one April afternoon, and I decided I needed to start blogging. Having heard of Blogger, I figured it was just as good as any blog site. Plus it is run by Google, so I figured it had all the goodness Google is know for.

I started filling out the form online, and then I came across the page where it asked me what I wanted my subdomain name to be. . . . in other words http:/( fill in the blank ) I had to fill in the blank. This seemed like a very important decision. It had to be something that adequately described what one might find on my blog, yet also leave some mystery so people were encouraged to visit. This decision might take some time. So, I go where any man goes to think clearly . . . .

The bathroom!!!

After spending some quality time debating my options. I finish my business in the bathroom. I wash up and turn the light and fan off as I leave. Then in that instant . . . . sniff, sniff . . . . wait a second I better Leave The Fan On. And a blog was born.


Ravi said...

hey chuck; some mysteries are meant to be UNSOLVED!

Thanks for ruining my dinner :)

Charles said...

Sorry, for you ruining your dinner Ravi. But a reader wanted to read a post explaining the title. So that is what the reader got. I play to my audiences' demands. I'm bit of a blogging whore that way.

Anonymous said...

You know maybe you should leave the fan on in your cube at work, too... Your cube neighbors are starting to wonder what died in there.

Charles said...

We are suppossed to count how many times we fart at work tomorrow. Supposedly one farts 14 times a day. Time to see if that is true.