Monday, March 19, 2007

The Goose is Good (Top 5 Drinks)

The Goose is very good! Add a little tonic. You've got yourself a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas yall!!!

All Right here we go kids, I hope you have your ID ready. Cause anyone under twenty-one, this post just ain't for you. Here are my top ten drinks and why I might be drinking them.

5) Light beers. I know this is a category of beer but hear me out. I don't really put different light beers in there own sections. Miller Lite, Coors Light, PBR, Primus are all the same. In that category of light mass produced beers that go down pretty quick, but usually make my stomach feel sick before I would get a good buzz going.
So when do I reach for one of theses fine beers? Really warm summer days or say it is early in the evening but you might be a little ahead of the rest of the crowd. You want to order a drink but want sober up a little. Order one of these bad boys and let the rest of your entourage catch up with you.

4) Vodka and Tonic. There are two kinds of vodka in my life, Sky Vodka and Grey Goose Vodka. Grey Goose is the sponsor of tonights post, so be sure to get your bad ass a goose and tonic when are out. Sky vodka is good but it burns when it goes down.
When do I reach for a vodka tonic? When I want to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor, or when social problems of the opposite sex creep into my life. A good vodka tonic helps me sort the situation in my mind. I am not picky about my tonic, so long as it has FIZZ. Those six packs of small bottles of tonic are a savior to the single man!

4b) Gin and Tonic. Thats right a gin and tonic is just as handy as Vodka Tonic. Tanqueray is my gin. There is no other gin except for Gordon's Dry Gin. Here a quick tip a fellow gin drinker gave me once. Say you are low on the dough. . . and you don't want to throw money into drinking gin and tonics at home. If you are planning on enjoying more than one gin and tonic, then you might want to splurge on the first gin and tonic and use Tanqueray. However on the second gin and tonic you probably won't notice that you are using Gordon's Dry gin. So save yourself some cash and use that for the rest of the evening. You won't notice until the morning. I promise.
When do I reach for a Gin and Tonic? I guess when I am out of Vodka. or maybe I reach for a Vodka tonic when I am out of Gin. Either way.

3) White Wine. I must say that white wine is my newly discovered buzz. Whenever I'm drinking a white wine, I get a nice healthy buzz with almost no effort. Its great. Pino, Chardonay, Saviogn Blanc, whatever. Fill my glass up, cause I'll put that sucker down. And if you haven't seen the movie Sideways. Go order that up on Netflix.
When do I reach for a white wine? Social occasions with friends? When I want to drink and eat, but I am not in the mood for beer? When the occasion is a little more formal?

2) Premium Beers. Some people will consider this the beer snob section. I love micro-brews. Even medium sized brewers. Luckily the Philadelphia area has some great local brewers. Victory, Yards, Stoudts, and Dogfishhead are all superb beers and close to Philly. Magic Hat is another fine brewer from Vermont. The seasonal beers that these brewers produce are some of the best beers you can buy. Go get yourself a variety case and find a bad beer. You can't.
When do I reach for a premium beer? Every morning. Kidding!!! Happy hours.

1 ) Belgium Ales. Far and away my favorite type of beer. Very strong, sometimes fruity, sometimes sour. Always excellent. Chimay, Ommegang, and Duvel. Just to name a few of the most popular brands. This section deserves its own section. Did I mention I went to Belgium to watch Cyclocross and drink their beers? Grab yourself a Belgium Ale and expand your mind, because these beers will slap you out of your beer rut!
When do I reach for a Belgium Ale? Unfortunately they are strong enough and expensive enough that they cannot always be reached for. But when you are surrounded by fellow belgium ale lovers, there is rarely anything better.

Honorable Mentions:
I am giving an honorable mention to a drink near and dear to my heart. Stoli and Red Bull. You want to live fast and feel like you are going to die quicker? Drink these all night! Three words . . . . Vegas baby, Vegas.

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