Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome to my Sunday

Welcome to my Sunday, Kids. As a well deserved punishment for my lack of climbing prowess during the Strasburg Road Race, I decided some hill work was in order. So I did a 60 mile route that took me through some of the more serious hills in the western suburbs of philly.

This ride took from me Devon to Downingtown and back through Valley Forge. I got a late start to the day and so the punishment was also handed out from me with love to me. In other words, I was riding solo. Sometime during the ride, I specifically wondered if there was something wrong with me that I felt that such a ride was really necessary. This thought a occured to me at multiple times while going up YellowSprings Road in Great Valley. Lets take a closer look at some of the hill sections.

For the appetizer we have a little climb into Paoli. . . . Nothing too bad

After a few miles we get to Downingtown. I breeze through my old high school parking lot and start to do what used to be a run during my cross country days and proceed to add on a little more just for fun.

There are few hill getting out of D-town and getting over to Lionville, but really worth mentioning. Cause once we get to Great Valley, we have the lovely Yellow Springs road.

Finally I went up Cassat Ave just to get more work done before calling it a day. What amuses me is that a few years ago I used to consider the ride to D-town and back a fairly serious ride. However on Sunday, I added on additional miles to the basic ride from the very beginning but I never felt like I was going long enough. Which is a great feeling, because you start to feel like you can ride forever.


Anonymous said...

nice ride.

Anonymous said...

that's a solid ride crazy

Charles said...

Shtank you, Shtank you!!!

I'm trying to find new rodes to ride on cause, I'm already repeating routes. If this trend continues it could be a long summer. Although I imagine I will racing enough that these long rides won't be too often.