Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sure to be losing my mind . . .

After contemplating putting up a blog post about how I've been trying to grow facial hair for the last week, I decided it is time to get back to the basics. The basics being cycling. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't want to cooperate.

The first cycling race of the season was going to be Saturday, the Strasburg Road Race ™ ! A 5.5 mile circuit to be done 4 times. 22 miles of Category 5 road race excitement. Strap on your safety belts because this could get sketchy. There is a little hill right at the start along with a little decent as the circuit continues.

The weather called for snow and ice Friday, and it devilvered. I got the cyclo-cross bike all lubed up and ready go. I figured the wider tires would have given me a tacticle advantage in the race to be the last one to crash on the ice covered roads. Fortunately, the promoter decided to post pone the race till next week. Which works fine with me, because Saturday's high was 38 degrees and my naughty bits don't enjoy being frost bitten.

The other downside to all this crap weather. I am back on the indoor trainer. After getting outside and riding for 2 hours on a week day (last Tuesday was 65 degrees), the cycling trainer tortures my mind. Its better than dying while riding in the middle of the road.

Next weekend the first road race kids of the season goes down!!! It is time to get pumped.

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