Monday, February 26, 2007

Yo yo!!!

All right, I took a bit of a blogging vacation, and one of my readers was mildly upset. So what did I do on my blogging vacation. . . .

1) There is this thing called a bicycle and I have been riding it. Last week I put in 3 hours through snow squals. Yesterday, I put in 4 hours through the just plain cold. But It feels good.

2) I may have had a beer or two since I last blogged. Ok. So thats a lie. I went to beer tasting. Ommegang, Victory, Magic Hat, and Troeggs were all there. I guess it was a beer tasting for people who drink Coor's Light all day cause I only think I had a few beers that were new to me. It was still a great time. It was held at World Cafe Live, which seems like it would be a great venue for a concert.

3) Started swimming again. Did you know I signed up for 4.4 mile swim in June? The Chesapeake Bay Swim. I don't think I've ever been concerned about my ability to finish a race, but I can honestly tell you this event has me very concerned. My big mouth may have talked me into a hole (about beating former Div. 1 Swimmers by 10 minutes) but I've got bigger problems if I don't even make it to the finish line. I swimming 3000 tonight. Anyone care to join me.

4) Back to cycling for a second. I have never ridden this much before in Febuary which gives me hope that come May, I might actually have some fitness. I also have no climbing power?!?! I don't know what happened. I get dropped like a fat man every time the group ride goes up hill. This is very, very bad. As a result, I may hit the weight room for two months to build some leg strength.

5) I've also been riding the indoor trainer so much, I think I've developed a man crush on Coach Troy. Can you blame me?

All right, go get youself some Spinervals DvDs.

Well, I'll get back on the blogging train.

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