Sunday, February 04, 2007

10 Things I learned at Cyclocross Worlds.

Thats right kids, my first international escapade is in the record books. I've been up since 6:30 am Paris time, so pardon the extra spelling and grammatical errors. Here are 10 things I learned going to 2007 Cyclocross Worlds.

1. Belgiums love cross. Ok, I already knew this one but I didn't know how much they love cross.

2. Mud. Lots of Mud. Did I mention there was mud? I have a pair of running shoes that have died at cyclocross worlds. I will try to save them but it might be too late. Everyone was wearing knee high duck boots.

3. Hooligans show up even for cyclcross worlds. This was the first year that world championships had tickets, but people still bought tickets for the only purpose of drinking Primus (Belgium lite beer). Need proof?

4. The american cyclocross present and future is amazing!!! Page, Kompton, and Summerhill. You did already read about the races at cycling news!

5. Cyclocross worlds is a dood fest. The male to female ratio on Sunday was 9:1. Not that I'm there to pick up chicks, but I do like girls.

6. Belgins are actually quite shocked to hear an American accent cheering, especially when the American guy is leading the race.

7. Pros warm up on the course just like you and I do. Only faster. That blur is Sven Nys.

8. Belgium course don't look super technical but did I mention the intense amount of mud? There aren't that many off-camber turns but that just means the pros ride faster.

9. When the Flemish flag is flying, just go with the flow.

10. Italy is gonna rock in 2008.


Greg said...

This is some good sheeit, man. I will certainly be linking to this post. Glad you rocked it over in Belgie to support or folks!

Ravi said...

nice. glad to see you made to back in one piece. how was the chamais?

Charles said...

Greg, thanks for linking to my post. I just spread the blogger love in the next post.

Ravi, do you beleive I had so many trappist ales that I was almost tired of them by the time I left Brussells? A little over indulgence may not be good but I had to try each one at least twice!