Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Blogger Love and Pics

I feel the love. Do you?

Mud and Cowbells gave some love to my previous post of what I learned at Cyclocross Worlds. Greg is running a quality cyclocross blog over there. Nothing like what I'm feeding you all on a daily basis. He doesn't mess around, so go check it out already!!!

Finally here is some more random eye candy for you all from Worlds. I'm going to join Shutterfly or Fliker or some other photo sharing site as soon as I pull my head out of the dark stinky cavern in which it seems to be stuck.

The man warming up.

The mini man racing it up.

Shit, I forgot my bike!

Hienz Curry. It seemed like a good concept but trust me it misses the mark.

Is this line for the bathroom?

Even the Pope likes Cross worlds.


Anonymous said...

I want to see Paris...

Charles said...

They are coming, JEEZ!!!

I wanted my blog to be at least somewhat relevant considering worlds was a weak ago.

Cool Dude said...

curry sauce.....mmmmmmm

sorry, that was the indian in my speaking.

Charles said...

I knew you would be all about the curry sauce. I had it on a hot dog. The hot dog was not very good, but I know exacty what you are thinking . . . . "Is there such a thing as a good hot dog?"