Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Movie Review!

Have you humped your trainer today?

Well, I'm back in training mode. I'm nowhere near in shape but I've been riding my cyclops trainer all day everyday (or so it feels sometimes). I do approximately an hour and half per session. 45 minutes to an hour of that session will be a specific workout. Somedays I put in a spinerval video, and some days I pull a workout off the internet. Sometimes, you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. High Road Cycles has a good spinerval blog. Go to Human Zoom for all your cycling needs!!! (keeping the sponsors happy)

I do feel that time is important in these trainer session. Anything less than an hour and a half feels like a waste. This of course lends itself to some quality movie watching as long as the heart rate monitor tells me that my heart rate is still high enough!!!

So . . .on to the movie review . . . Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite films . . .Rodger Doger

This movie stars one of my favorite actors, Campbell Scott, as Roger and Jesse Eisenberg as his high school aged nephew, Nick. Roger is a smooth talking ladies man, and Nick seeks him out in NYC to be taught how to interact with women. The line of the movie, "So Nick, you need some help with the ladies?" After Roger utters this question, Nick is swept into an evening in NYC chasing women nearly twice his age.

Going from bars to parties, Roger bestows on Nick, what almost every guy takes as common knowledge. I consider this movie to be a "dood movie". Some women don't really understand it or like it.

Roger sets Nick up with ladies and comes down with heavy criticism when Nick fails to meet the standards of a veteran to the NYC night life.

As the story continues, you learn that Roger is not completely unfallable and Nick may not be completely ready for his life as a ladies man. The movie ends with Nick back in high school in Ohio. I'm not about to spoil the ending, but it is worth sitting or pedalling through the movie.

But don't take my word for it, go see it for yourself!

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