Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On Demand Blogging

I've been told it is time to blog, and who am I to deny my fans.

Invasion of the bees. So I have 5 bees nests between the inside wall and the oustide wall. I spent a half hour outside my condo staring at all different kind of bees going in and out their individual nests.

So I fought through my moral dilema of killing bees versus the whole environment thing for a day. But then, a giant carpenter bee wiggled its way into my condo. Well, that pretty much sealed their fate. The next day I called the condo people to take care of the problem.

The next day, I'm looking at the wall. No more bees!! Great! or so I think. . . .

The problem is I can still hear the bees! At night bees hang out in their nest and if you listen carefully you can hear them moving around. It usually sounds like a scratching noise from inside the wall. In fact, as I wrote this I've heard the scratching noise twice. I'm expecting the bees to plan a surprise attack anyday, just when I have reached a certain level of comfort. I should have learned my lesson from Jurassic Park. Nature always wins.

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