Monday, June 12, 2006

This weeks mission

So this week's mission is to try and find a new car. Most of my friends know I am more talk than action when it comes to buying a car.

The problem is that somehow driving a 97 green escort wagon suits me just fine, because it is a car that I don't have to care about.

You spill coffee in the back seat. No problem.
You get a little bike grease in the trunk. No Problem.
You have a hot date. Well maybe thats a problem.
One headlight doesn't work. No Problem.

So, I'll test driving some cars and hopefully I'm not all talk.


ravisraman said...


as in the car not the baked goods

Charles said...
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Charles said...

Test drove an Acura TL. The car was great but as big as a boat! Not sure if I need to roll in that large of a machine.

ravisraman said...

get like a 3-series or a used M3....or even check out the A4

or just save $20 grand and buy a scion and spend half of what u saved pimpin it out.

A Concerned Citizen said...

By 3-series were you reffering to a Mazda 3 - if so he took your advice.